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Criado en una familia de comerciantes inmigrantes, Alejandro Flores-Munoz aprendió sobre emprendimiento desde una temprana edad. Él observó a su madre, una madre soltera que vivía en el sur de California, trabajando a tiempo completo, mientras hacía malabares vendiendo perfumes, joyas y postres de puerta en puerta.

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Today, more than a third of the adult working population has a criminal record. This causes lifelong barriers to employment and entrepreneurship for individuals and has a resounding impact on our economy.

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Thu, 03/28/2019
Colorado small business owners support paid family and medical leave insurance program

The Colorado state legislature is considering a bill that would make Colorado the seventh state in the country to establish a program guaranteeing access to paid leave to care for a newborn child or a sick family member. Small business owners and their employees are particularly affected by the current lack of access to paid family leave as many small businesses can’t afford to offer robust benefits, putting them at a disadvantage with their larger counterparts. Small business has been central to ongoing debates over the legislation, and new polling sheds light on their views on the proposal and their struggles to offer access to paid family and medical leave benefits.

Thu, 12/15/2016
LGBT flag

On December 15, Small Business Majority released a new scientific opinion poll that found a majority of Colorado small businesses believe business owners should not be allowed to deny services to LGBT individuals based on the owner’s religious beliefs, including for wedding-related services.

Wed, 05/04/2016

Colorado small business owners soundly reject efforts to increase the interest rates lenders can charge on certain consumer loans, and the results of a new Small Business Majority poll of state small business owners strongly suggest state legislators who support such increases would pay the price at the election booth. According to the scientific poll, an overwhelming 90% oppose allowing lenders to increase the interest they can charge on a $3,000 consumer loan from 28% a year to 30% a year and allow increases based on inflation for each subsequent year.