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Firmado hasta ahora por más de 12,000 propietarios de pequeñas empresas en todo el país y procesado a través de Washington, D.C. equipo de defensa, el documento dirigido al Congreso dice en parte:

"La pandemia de COVID-19 ha dejado a las pequeñas empresas y empresarios de Estados Unidos al borde del colapso sin culpa nuestra.”

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Geri Aglipay, Midwest senior outreach manager for the group Small Business Majority, says smaller stores want to help their communities see a rebound in economic activity, but it can be harder for them to make decisions about reopening. She says there’s concern about enforcing proper guidelines.

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An April survey by the Small Business Majority advocacy group found that 44% of small-business owners, most of whom employed fewer than 25 people, either had closed their operations or expected to by July.

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According to Small Business Majority, “the spread of COVID-19 around the country has already had a devastating impact on small businesses,” with one in three small businesses already closed in April, and at least 100,000 small businesses having closed their doors permanently.

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As we enter the next phase of reopening our state, we must continue to practice social distancing and take other precautions to avoid the spread of Covid-19. We've done a good job of flattening the curve so far. Please keep it up.

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The alliance held its first business webinar Thursday afternoon. It was titled “Back to Business: Best Practices for Re-Opening Restaurants and Retail Shops,” and featured David Juarez, director of local government affairs for the L.A./O.C. chapter of the California Restaurant Association, and Claudia Moreno, outreach manager for the Southern California branch of business advocacy group Small Business Majority.

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The Small Business Majority manages Venturize, a free online resource hub for small business owners. Among other offerings, Venturize provides a guide for small businesses to access small business loans.

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The heavy blow of COVID-19 around the world has had a devastating impact, specifically on small businesses globally.These businesses typically lack the cash flow and capital to sustain a halt in normal operations. According to a study done by Small Business Majority, “small businesses report they’ve experienced negative impacts to their business as a result of the coronavirus crisis.”

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Who: Sen Bill Dodd; Dr. Sundari Mase, Sonoma County’s public health officer; Barbara Nemko, Napa County superintendent of schools; Mark Herbert, vice president of the Small Business Majority.

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In the past few weeks, it has become abundantly clear that truly taking care of small businesses is not a top priority for the federal government, which is incredibly disappointing seeing as this is our greatest time of need.