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| Families USA

"Access to affordable health care is one of the top concerns for small businesses and the self-employed," said Tasha Brown, Midwest director for Small Business Majority. "Small businesses continue to grapple with rising health insurance costs negatively impacting their bottom lines. And unlike large corporations, they don't have the resources to negotiate rates with insurance carriers, placing them at a competitive disadvantage.

| America's SBDC

SBDC partners and supporters celebrate the day by participating in the national SBDC Day Ambassador program, designed for organizations and businesses to get involved in SBDC Day and show their support through social media, blogs, and newsletters. We are incredibly grateful to these sixty-nine organizations for their support of SBDC Day; Small Business Majority.

| Get in Motion

Have you ever wondered if your employees need personal help, when it comes to mental health, if they are under stress? If your employees are fine, your business will most likely be fine, and if your employees are bad, your business will most likely be affected. And to talk about it we have our guest Jessica Anguiano.

| Frontiers in Blockchain

One common challenge faced by low-income earners and the self-employed is accessing loans from banks, insurance services from insurers, and even rental agreements from landlords (Vanderkam, 2009). This challenge has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic (Small Business Majority, 2021).

| Founders First CDC

“Small Business Majority is happy to support the 2023 Chicago Job Creators Quest grant. The experience of reviewing the grant applicant pitch videos was truly inspiring and gave us a deeper understanding of the challenges and triumphs faced by small business owners in the state of Illinois.” said Tasha Brown, Midwest Director of Small Business Majority.

| Arnold Ventures

Most entrepreneurs need loans of $50,000 or less to start their business, according to Small Business Majority, a national organization that supports small business owners. But Awesta Sarkash, public policy director of the organization, explains that an ambiguous SBA rule requiring that applicants exhibit ​“good character” in order to receive loans and contracts likely causes the agency to reject submissions from justice-involved borrowers.


Small Business Majority provides resources and tools that can help. Through Venturize, Small Business Majority offers a resource hub for small business success.

| Women We Admire

Xiomara Peña is responsible for organizational visibility by leading Small Business Majority’s Outreach and Engagement departments. Working with other senior executives of Small Business Majority, Xiomara plans, develops and drives initiatives for the organization towards building a more inclusive and equitable economy that directly benefits entrepreneurs in underserved communities.

| Chalkbeat Colorado

A new coalition of Colorado groups wants to reform the state tax code to pump more public money into child care and other types of caregiving, including K-12 education, nursing, support for people with disabilities, and hospice. These organizations currently make up the coalition: Small Business Majority.

| U.S. Senate Committee On Small Business & Entrepreneurship

“We're pleased Senator Cardin has reintroduced the New Start Act to make it easier for justice-impacted people to launch their own businesses and pursue the American dream,” said Small Business Majority Founder & CEO John Arensmeyer. “Supporting entrepreneurial development programs for formerly incarcerated individuals will help more people, especially those who are often shut out of the labor market, create their own jobs by starting small businesses, which will benefit our economy overall.”