Our Mission

To empower America's diverse entrepreneurs to build a thriving and equitable economy

Our Vision

A thriving small business ecosystem is central to creating a dynamic and equitable American economy. We believe small businesses are not just the backbone of the American economy; they are its foundation. Indeed, small businesses represent 99% of all employer firms and account for half of our nation's jobs and economic output, and their creativity spurs innovation in all sectors of the economy.

Small business entrepreneurship is a proven pathway for Americans from all walks of life to build income, independence and financial security for themselves, their families and their employees. If provided the proper resources and public policies to unleash their potential, they inject life and vitality into communities, provide quality jobs and boost prosperity for all. 

Our Approach

Small Business Majority advocates for policy solutions that create a strong, job-creating economy for all and provides education and resources to entrepreneurs to promote small business growth and prosperity.

We conduct extensive research on the attitudes and concerns of small business owners and freelancers and communicate our findings and message directly to stakeholders and through the media. We regularly engage our network of 85,000 small business owners and work with more than 1,500 business groups and other partner organizations from our eight regional offices on issues including access to capital, healthcare, taxes, retirement, paid leave and other policies directly impacting entrepreneurship.

Our two organizational initiatives are:

  1. Policy & advocacy: We develop and support policies that benefit the entire small business ecosystem—ranging from boosting access to responsible capital, ensuring affordable access to quality healthcare, and growth-oriented equitable tax and employment policies. Our small business owners speak out publicly, sharing their unique personal stories about why they support such policies and how they will be beneficial to their bottom line. We participate in coalitions working to enact such policies, providing the small business perspective and effective messaging.
    • Research: Working with professional polling firms, we conduct scientific surveys of small business owners on a variety of issues to inform our policy positions and proposed solutions. We also conduct focus groups and economic research.
    • Spokespeople: We recruit, train and deploy small business owner spokespeople to share their personal perspectives on issues of importance to small businesses.
    • Media: We elevate the small business voice in the public sphere by sharing the results of our research with the media and putting a real small business face on the issues by having our small business spokespeople perform media interviews and place letters to the editor and op-eds in well-respected news outlets.
  2. Entrepreneurship Program: We provide a suite of educational programs and resources to small business owners, their employees and self-employed entrepreneurs to empower them to start and grow their enterprises and maximize their economic prosperity.
    • In-person and online educational seminars: These events educate small business owners, small business employees and the self-employed on a variety of practical business topics and pertinent policy issues: (a) access to capital, (b) healthcare, (c) retirement/asset building and (d) workforce/employment issues. We partner with national, state, regional and local business organizations to co-host these events and invite their members.
    • Small business outreach: We use an array of channels (social media, email blasts, events, newsletters) to regularly engage our network of small business owners and organizations. We also work with our partners to distribute our educational resources to their members.
    • Online resources: We have developed and maintain several websites, including Venturize.org, to provide on-demand information for small business owners on a host of topics, including access to capital, retirement security and healthcare and other workforce benefits.