The Challenge

Elected officials often pursue policies that favor large corporations over Main Street businesses, and all too often, small business is perceived as just another narrow interest group instead of an essential component of our economic prosperity.

Our Solution

Small business ownership is a potent force that can help address economic inequality, from providing sustainable high quality jobs to helping revitalize distressed neighborhoods and rural communities. And contrary to a long-held misconception, small businesses want the government to understand their needs and respond in a constructive manner by acting on commonsense policy solutions. In order to do that, policymakers must recognize that small businesses have a unique perspective. Thus, our solution is to enact and pass policy measures that are inclusive, innovative, and informed by small businesses themselves and the organizations that support them. A healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem provides an innovative and singular pathway for women, people of color, young adults, veterans, disabled people, immigrants and rural residents to enter the mainstream American economy and build income and independence. We believe Congress can act by advancing policy recommendations across three key themes:

  1. Increase Equitable Access to Capital and Opportunities for Entrepreneurs 
  2. Bolster a Main Street Friendly Workforce and the Creation of Quality Jobs 
  3. Foster a Level Playing Field for American Small Businesses

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