Small Business Majority supports California's individual mandate legislation

Small Business Majority writes in support of AB 414 and SB 175 which would reinstate a penalty for lacking coverage in California and grant Covered California the ability to set this penalty amount. This will prevent the predicted increases in healthcare costs and uninsured rates in California, directly benefitting small businesses who struggle to keep up with the high costs of healthcare.


Blog Series: Meet Our Outreach Team - Bianca Blomquist

Small Business Majority’s Outreach Team advocates for entrepreneurs on two fronts: It supports policies that would benefit small firms, and it offers workshops and events that help small business owners grow their companies. Over the coming months, we’ll be sitting down with members of our Outreach Team to provide an introduction and let small business owners know how our team members can assist them.

This week we are spotlighting Bianca Blomquist, Small Business Majority’s Northern California Outreach Manager.


Small Business Majority supports California Assembly Bill 4

Small Business Majority writes in support of AB 4, which would extend MediCal, which provides healthcare to qualified low-income individuals, to all individuals who would be otherwise eligible if not for their immigration status. Extending this coverage would drastically decrease the number of remaining uninsured in the state, as roughly 1.4 million undocumented Californians are without healthcare coverage (half of the total uninsured).


Small Business Majority supports California Bill Assembly Bill 1611

Small Business Majority writes in support of AB 1611 concerning out-of-network emergency room bills, or surprise billing. The legislation would extend protections for consumers receiving emergency care and ensure that they are not billed for more than their in-network cost sharing responsibilities. Additionally, AB 1611 will help control overall costs by preventing hospitals from setting payment higher than 150% of the Medicare rate or the average contracted rate paid by the specific health insurer for the same services in the same region.


Small Business Majority supports California Assembly Bill 1577

Small Business Majority writes in support of AB 1577, which would encourage increased local partnerships between public agencies and technical assistance providers to microenterprises. Increased partnership between government agencies and technical assistance centers will encourage vital investment in California’s job creators and chief exporters, particularly helping women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of color. Indeed, increasing input from microenterprise development agencies into government programs will improve effectiveness of government programs.


Small Business Majority supports California Senate Bill 534

Small Business Majority writes in support of SB 534, which encourages supplier diversity across insurance industries in California, creating opportunities for minority-owned small businesses. Minority small business ownership is growing at a significantly higher rate than other small businesses, and diverse entrepreneurs in particular represent enormous economic power within California. This legislation will ensure more dollars spent by California’s insurance companies go to businesses owned by diverse entrepreneurs, strengthening the state's economy overall.


CalSavers Helps Oakland Coffee Shop Employees Brew Retirement Funds

Kenitra “Keni” Dominguez was determined to expand Red Bay Coffee’s employee benefits when she became the sustainable coffee company’s Director of People and Culture in early 2018.

“Finding good employee benefits takes time, dedication and resources, and before I came to Red Bay, there was no one serving in a dedicated HR or people operations capacity, so I was essentially starting from scratch,” she said.


Small Business Majority supports California's Fair Access to Credit Act

Small Business Majority writes in support of AB 539, the Fair Access to Credit Act, which would eliminate the practice of charging unaffordable interest rates on consumer loans between $2,500 and $10,000. The legislation would protect small business borrowers from the predatory practices of triple-digit lenders, and as a result, greatly benefit entrepreneurs and small businesses in California that rely on consumer loans to grow their businesses.


Small Business Majority supports California Assembly Bill 174

Small Business Majority writes in support of AB 174, which would extend tax credits to individuals struggling to access affordable healthcare. Extending tax credits to those currently just above the cutoff from premium subsidies will benefit many of California’s small businesses, their employees and self-employed entrepreneurs.


Small Business Majority urges California Legislature to include funding for healthcare in state budget

Small Business Majority writes to urge the California legislature to include funding in the 2019-2020 State Budget for healthcare solutions that will expand access to affordable coverage. Through its budget, California can take immediate steps to protect its small business community by enacting practical, achievable reforms that will strengthen California’s marketplaces and control healthcare costs.