Small business owners report devastating impacts of COVID-19, need immediate cash assistance to survive

Small Business Majority
Tuesday, April 14, 2020

It’s no secret that the spread of COVID-19 around the country has already had a devastating impact on small businesses. With the economy on pause and uncertainty gripping communities across the country, Main Street has been left to cope with how to stay afloat during this unprecedented time.

COVID-19 and the impact to small business: Policy solutions to immediately support America’s job creators

As cases of COVID-19 continue to rise throughout the country, so does its impact on our economy. From stock market dips to decreased foot traffic in thriving neighborhoods, it's vital that our federal and state officials enact short and long-term policies that will offset these effects, particularly for our small business community, whose success is critical to our nation's economic health. Focusing on key policy issues will help support America's job creators. 

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Small Business Majority opposes legislation expanding short-term health insurance

Small Business Majority submitted a letter of support to Chairman Gerg Harris (IL-D) on HB 4094, which would extend short-term, limited duration health insurance from the current 181 days to 365 days with the chance to renew coverage for up to three years.


Small Business Majority testifies in favor of the Colorado Affordable Health Care Option

Colorado Director Hunter Railey testifed in support of the Colorado Affordable Health Care Option, which would ensure that Colorado's entrepreneurs and small business employees have access to more affordable health coverage choices, while also helping to control costs throughout the state. 


Small Business Majority Testifies on Limiting Short-Term Medical Plans

On January 27, 2020, Small Business Majority's Government Affairs Manager, Awesta Sarkash, testified before Virginia's Senate Committee on Commerce and Labor, in support of SB 404, health insurance; short-term limited-duration medical plans. Protecting the individual marketplace is important to entrepreneurs because many self-employed individuals and small business employees rely on the marketplace to purchase coverage.


Wisconsin small business owner provides healthcare solutions for her community

In 2010, when the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was enacted, Sadie Tuescher’s office at her county job in Milwaukee, Wisc. was flooded with people looking for help enrolling in coverage through the new marketplaces created by the law. She was overwhelmed by the influx of clients but quickly adapted and learned everything she could about the new healthcare law. It wasn’t long before her insurance agent husband was calling her daily with questions about the ACA.


Small Business Majority files amicus brief urging the Supreme Court to consider Texas v. U.S.

On January 15, Small Business Majority filed an amicus brief urging the U.S. Supreme Court to accept and quickly render a decision in the case of Texas v. U.S., which has challenged the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. This is necessary because the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit recently declared the individual mandate is unconstitutional and ordered a lower court to reconsider whether the remaining components of the ACA may remain law.


Small Business Majority Supports Lower Drug Costs Now Act

Small Business Majority submitted a letter of support to the U.S. House of Representatives on H.R. 3, the Lower Drug Costs Now Act. Addressing the high cost of prescription drugs will help bring more stability to the pricing of health coverage in the marketplaces, which is beneficial to small employers, health insurers and the healthcare system overall.


Entrepreneurs and small business owners: Get covered for 2020 today!

Open enrollment to purchase health insurance plans for 2020 through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) individual marketplaces is in full swing. This open enrollment season, we’re excited to partner with Airbnb to get the word out about open enrollment and share important resources to help entrepreneurs, small businesses and Airbnb hosts get covered. As part of this effort, we’re hosting two webinars to help you navigate enrollment and share important deadlines and resources so you can find the best healthcare option for you.