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Family-run shop prepared for the worst without knowing the worst was yet to come

When you walk into My Corazon-Libros Y Cultura in Hanford, California, you step right into a ‘90s Chicano dream. The walls are covered with brightly colored murals and almost every product is designed and produced by owner Janie Isidoro and her family. My Corazon-Libros Y Cultura serves as a creative outlet for Janie, her husband and her three kids, but also serves as a bookstore and a place for people to either discover or reminisce about this distinct culture. 


Martial arts trainer patiently waits to re-open safely

Master Renard Beaty is not only a 5th-degree black belt, but he is also the owner of Kick Start Martial Arts, winner of the 2017 Wells Fargo’s Neighborhood Renovation Program grand prize and recipient of the 2019 Best of Atlanta Award in the Martial Arts School category. Despite his awards and popularity in his community, his small business is struggling just like everyone else’s.


California entrepreneur pivots his business to provide life-saving face masks for his community

When it comes to small businesses, the key to survival is to pivot, pivot, pivot. And that's exactly what Alfredo Zendejas did with his personalized party accessory business Accesorios Zendejas mid-March, after the coronavirus pandemic created a “new normal.”


Veteran small business owner gets left behind by federal relief programs

Like his father and brothers before him, John Hopson enlisted to serve in the military at a young age. But unfortunately, when he returned home from the Gulf War in 1991 he was left with severe post traumatic stress disorder. 

Ten years ago, John hit rock bottom and realized it was time to make a real change in his life. He wanted to find a way to uplift people who were suffering like he was by creating jobs for veterans, retired first responders, ex-felons, seniors and people of color. 


PPP fails Florida solo-entrepreneur, but she continues to learn and grow

Lisa Romer King’s business plan was born while studying for her M.A. in Business Management when a professor tasked her with writing a business proposal. The assignment sparked something in Lisa and she decided she had to follow through on her idea and bring King's Professional Networking and Placement to life. 

For the past three years, Lisa has been running the business she dreamed of out of Lauderhill, Florida where she serves as a mediator, public notary, credit educator and business advisor to members of her community.  


Texas small business relies on ingenuity when federal funding falls short

Faced with a lack of diverse food options, Jaja Chen and Devin Li decided to bring a bit of their East Asian heritage to Waco, Texas. 

Waco Cha started off as a tent at the Waco Downtown Farmers Market selling boba tea, but within a year they gained so much popularity that Jaja and Devin were able to purchase a truck and expand their reach and their services. Not only were they selling boba out of their truck, but they began hosting “Dumpling Night Workshop,” where they teach members of their community how to fold, make and eat dumplings from start to finish. 


Even with emergency loan funding in hand, Florida small business isn’t able to operate at full speed

Mark and TJ Goettsch started their business during the Great Recession, so this couple knows a little something about running a business through times of financial crisis. However, when COVID-19 hit, it impacted their business and thousands of others across the country in completely unprecedented ways. 


Straight Talk about SBA Loans

This blog originally appeared on the blog of our partner CO-STARTERS.

Although some businesses have seen the relief offered by the CARES Act—particularly the Paycheck Protection Program SBA loans—many small businesses have been left wondering if their application is even being considered.