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Texas entrepreneur emphasizes marketing needs in the small business space

Neha Mehta has an entrepreneurial spirit that is always leading her to try something new. She, along with her husband, are the co-founders of Seashore Solutions LLC. located in Austin, Texas. After decades of multi-industry experience, they decided to launch Seashore in 2017, a consulting and software firm that provides affordable, sustainable and cutting-edge solutions to a global client base. Products range from mobile application development to e-commerce websites to enterprise-level solutions such as third-party integration.


Justice-impacted entrepreneur highlights the importance of second-chance hiring

Savannah-based Charlotte Garnes worked for 11 years as a licensed mental health and substance abuse therapist. When she was only two credits away from receiving her Ph.D. in 2013, her life completely changed. She was sentenced to five years in prison as a result of unethical billing practices performed by employees under her supervision. 


Home-based childcare provider remains hopeful about universal preschool in Colorado

For the last 25 years, Amber Bilby has been in the childcare industry in one way or another. Her passion for children and her entrepreneurial spirit eventually led her to launch Daycare Home Arvada in 2009, a licensed and home-based childcare center in Arvada, Colo. She opened her doors with the vision to give children in her care the best possible opportunities to thrive in their environment.


California brothers use their father’s legacy to bring soul into their community

In 1975, Adolf Dulan opened his first restaurant in South Los Angeles and became the “King of Soul Food” in his community. 

45 years later, Dulan’s Soul Food Kitchen stands as a well-loved community establishment. With Adolf’s children—Greg Dulan, Terry Dulan, and other siblings—at the helm, it has grown to more than 60 employees and multiple locations across LA. Their mission goes beyond serving first-rate soul food in generous portions—they strive to be a socially responsible, successfully operated business with hospitality that reminds one of being at Grandma's for Sunday dinner. 


Colorado childcare provider weighs in on challenges for rural small businesses

Diane Hernandez knows from raising her own four children and one grandchild how hard it is to get quality childcare in her small, rural town of Julesburg, Colo. 

So after retiring from retail management, she decided to take a leap of faith and opened a home-based, licensed childcare business in January 2020. 


Navajo small business owner emphasizes the importance of clean energy transitions for small businesses

When Terry Norris left the Marine Corps, he needed a part-time job. He soon found one at a calibration lab working with the government on aerospace initiatives. On his first day there, he met his now wife. Just a few months later, they opened their own calibration lab in Palmdale, California. 27 years and 17 employees later, Precision Labs Calibration serves a variety of customer bases, including the medical, aerospace, agricultural and film industries. 


Latino business owner highlights the importance of helping entrepreneurs access capital

When Ramon Alvarez was 9 years old, his family moved to a small ranch just outside of Fresno, California. He worked to help his family make a living until he left for school. While working to pay his way through college, he fell in love with retail. 

After years of gaining experience at corporations like Home Depot, where he oversaw the opening of stores across the U.S. and in South America, he fulfilled his dream of opening a business of his own with his wife.