Health CO-OPs: Driving Choices Up, Costs Down for Small Businesses

Terry Gardiner

Original statement issued on February 21, 2012:

Small businesses in eight states received good news today with the announcement that organizations in their state will be receiving funds to help create new consumer-run health insurance plans that will lower their costs and increase their insurance choices.

MATS Rule Can Create Opportunities for Small Businesses

John Arensmeyer

Statement by John Arensmeyer on February 16, 2012:

The Environmental Protection Agency today published in the Federal Register its final rule requiring power companies to clean up or close their dirtiest plants—a rule supported by small business owners across the political spectrum, and one that will create much-needed jobs.

Expanding and Simplifying Healthcare Tax Credit for Small Businesses Will Help Rein in Coverage Costs

John Arensmeyer

Released February 16, 2012:

I joined Administrator Karen Mills, head of the U.S. Small Business Administration, and a Michigan small business owner on a tele-press conference today to discuss the expansion and simplification of the small business healthcare tax credit in the Affordable Care Act.

President’s Budget Focuses on Small Businesses’ Top Concerns

John Arensmeyer

Statement by John Arensmeyer on February 13, 2012:

The budget proposal President Obama released today keeps the spotlight trained on small businesses’ key concerns: enhancing access to credit, investing in job-creating infrastructure projects and boosting small business provisions in the Affordable Care Act.

Aid for Underwater Mortgages a Life Raft for Small Business

John Arensmeyer

Statement by John Arensmeyer on February 9, 2012:

Today, in the biggest government-industry settlement since 1998, major mortgage lenders and the federal government struck a $25 billion deal that will bring relief to struggling homeowners across the nation, boosting demand for small businesses and stimulating the economy.

The State of Small Business: Credit and Jobs Must be Addressed

John Arensmeyer

For too long, small businesses have been struggling to bear the brunt of the recession. Lending has all but dried up for small employers, and too many lawmakers are spending more time playing politics than working to pass smart legislation to help them. If small businesses are going to help fix our country’s employment problem, they need increased access to credit and smart jobs legislation. How do we know small business owners feel this way? We asked them.