Immigration reform

Small Business Majority CEO testifies on workforce challenges

Today, John Arensmeyer testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business & Entrepreneurship at a hearing, "The Small Business Workforce Challenge: Causes, Impacts, and Solutions." More than two years into the pandemic, small businesses are slowly rebuilding but need a vibrant stable workforce to fully recover. Entrepreneurs, especially those in under-resourced communities, need an array of support to address labor shortages and ensure employees are able to come back to the workforce. Mr.


Small Business Majority and small business owner testify in support of removing barriers for undocumented entrepreneurs

Colorado Director Lindsey Vigoda and small business owner Alejandro Flores-Muñoz provided testimony on April 13 in support of SB 21-199, which will remove barriers to access certain public opportunities for undocumented entrepreneurs and support the immigrant small business community in Colorado. 


Women Entrepreneurs

: Women Entrepreneurs

Women small business owners have become the drivers of new businesses and job creation over the past two and a half decades. When the U.S. Census Bureau first reported on the state of women-owned businesses in 1976 there were roughly 400,000 women-owned firms.


Entrepreneurs of Color

: Entrepreneurs of Color

The contributions of small business owners of color to our local and national economies cannot be understated. Entrepreneurs of color operate more than 8 million businesses, generate $1.4 trillion in revenue, and employ more than 7 million people. Between 2007 and 2017, businesses owned by people of color grew 10 times faster than the overall growth rate for U.S.


Entrepreneurship & independent economy 

: Entrepreneurship & independent economy 

Entrepreneurship is a potent force for positive change in a diverse society and economy—from addressing long-term unemployment to providing high quality jobs and helping revitalize distressed neighborhoods. A healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem provides an innovative pathway for women, people of color, veterans and immigrants to enter the mainstream American economy and build income and independence. However, for entrepreneurs to be successful they need access to meaningful resources.


Opinion Poll: Small Business Support for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Small Business Majority
Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Across all industries and from one end of the political spectrum to the other, small business owners recognize that without comprehensive immigration reform, U.S. small firms and the economy cannot maximize job creation or revenue generation. New scientific polling shows that the vast majority of them believe our current immigration system isn’t working, and they’re eager to fix the broken system. Our primary job creators agree something must be done because immigration is good for America and good for small business.

California entrepreneur prints her way to the American dream

When Maritza Gomez couldn't get a job, she took matters into her own hands and started a business.

Maritza, who owns MG Custom Printing in Riverside, Calif., moved to the United States from Mexico when she was nine. After starting her business, she decided to study business at California State University San Bernardino. While she was in school she became involved with the business programs on campus that further developed her entrepreneurial spirit.


Bakersfield Chamber Bolsters Local Small Businesses

At 1,300 members strong and representing more than 50,000 jobs in the Central Valley region of California, the Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce is a heavyweight small business champion.

Since 1920, the Bakersfield Chamber has provided leadership, business education and networking opportunities to ensure a healthy business community, said Cynthia Pollard, president and CEO of the chamber.