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One Year After Climate Action Plan, Small Business Owners Ready for Stronger Clean Energy Standards

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the Administration’s release of its Climate Action Plan, which seeks to cut carbon emissions from power plants and prepare communities for the impacts of climate change. Reducing carbon emissions that contribute to climate change has huge impacts for small employers, the majority of whom support strong standards to increase energy innovation.


No Pedals, No Problem

The old adage ‘it’s as easy as riding a bike’ takes on a new meaning thanks to Strider Sports.

Based in Rapid City, South Dakota, Strider Sports is revolutionizing the way children ride bikes by stripping the bike down to its core. In this case, no pedals required.

Ryan McFarland, owner of Strider Sports and inventor of the Strider Rider, got the  idea for such a contraption from watching his two-year-old son struggle with those pesky pedals.


Premier Power: A Live Wire in the Electrical Maintenance Industry

Approaching its 30th anniversary, Premier Power Maintenance continues to shock its competitors into submission.

The Indianapolis based small business specializing in electrical maintenance of high-voltage power lines started in 1985 as an alternative to other electrical engineering companies, noted Megan Templeman, vice president of Premier Power.


LineSync Architecture Proves It Pays to Be Green

When it comes to eco-friendly architecture, one Vermont small business started paving the way long before green became a movement, not just a color.

LineSync Architecture, owned by Julie Lineberger and her architect husband Joseph Cincotta in Wilmington, Vermont, is a trailblazing business that specializes in innovative and sustainable architecture.


The Rise of the Latrine Queen

Melanie Lichtfeld, owner of Lichtfeld Plumbing in Madison, WI, is the self-proclaimed Latrine Queen. Although it’s a title she bestowed on herself, it’s one she’s fought long and hard for. Since she began running this family-owned business in 1981, she’s been struggling to gain respect in a decidedly male-dominated field.

Lichtfeld noted that despite her vast competency when it came to plumbing, most men would ignore or refuse to acknowledge her.


Stellar Service Pays Off Big for Small Payroll Company

Small Business Majority held a photo contest to find the most creative small businesses around for National Small Business Week. Each day, we’ll be highlighting one of the winners in a profile on our blog. The winner of Small Business Majority’s 2014 photo contest is AmCheck!

As one of the founding partners of AmCheck, a small business that provides flexible payroll services including human resources and benefits, Mike Francone’s risky decision to leave one of the nation’s largest payroll companies to start his own has paid off in spades.


Call and Response

If you find that your telephone lines are becoming too hot to handle, you’re going to want to give Antelope Valley Call Center a ring.

The call service provides live, quality answering and messaging services to clients, including those in the medical industry and doctors exchange, that need their phones manned by trained live operators in the Antelope Valley region of California.


A Caregiver for the Ages

It’s not often when one’s childhood desires, life experiences, passion and education all converge into one end goal.

As the owner of No Senior Left Behind, a nonprofit organization that offers caregiving and resources to senior citizens in Granite City, Illinois, Tawanda Story struck out those four balls with one swing of a bat.