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A Gamble Gives Growing Gains to Goedeker’s

It’s no secret that maintaining a small business is tough work. At the heart of many small business success stories is adaptability, a trait that has enabled Goedeker’s to thrive for more than 60 years.

Since 1951, the St. Louis staple has changed with the times, becoming a trusted name in major appliances, furniture and home lighting after starting out as a quaint TV and radio repair shop, noted Steve Goedeker, the store’s current owner and son of the store’s founder, Ben Goedeker.


Making a Case for Immigration Reform

Tsui Yee pours her family’s hard work and sacrifice into running a successful small business and a passionate stance on immigration.

As a founding partner of an immigration law firm, Guerrero Yee LLP, in New York City, it goes without saying that Yee avidly supports comprehensive immigration reform. But it’s her personal upbringing that really shapes her views.


Third Sun Solar Putting the Heat on Ohio’s SB 310

Ohio lawmakers are pushing legislation that would roll back the state’s energy efficiency standards, and one local solar business is fired up in its opposition.

Third Sun Solar, based in Athens, has seen first-hand how energy efficiency has cut costs, spurred innovation and created business opportunities. Eliminating Ohio’s clean energy standards, as Senate Bill 310 aims to do, would not only lead to increased energy costs, but could significantly hamper their small business.


Ohio Small Business Owner Energized in Fight Against SB 310

A group of Ohio lawmakers are pushing legislation that would put the kibosh on the Buckeye State’s energy efficiency standards. They claim these standards hurt businesses. However, Small Business Majority asked Ohio small business owners what they think about strong clean energy and energy efficiency standards and found they strongly support them. Small businesses believe stronger energy standards save them money and open up a new segment of the economy that creates business opportunities.


Talking Back Tuesday Survey: Minimum Wage

As part of our Talking Back Tuesday series, Small Business Majority is launching a new survey each week to get a better understanding of where small business owners stand on important issues.

This week’s issue is minimum wage. Our polling found that 57% support a federal increase in minimum wage to $10.10 an  hour, while a whopping 82% of small business owners already pay their employees more than the current federal minimum wage of $7.25. Now we want to hear from you directly. Take our survey and let us know your thoughts on minimum wage.


A Sweeping SHOP Success Story

Lorenzo Harris makes a living sweeping away the dirt. But he certainly wasn’t swept away by the political rhetoric surrounding the Affordable Care Act. In fact, Harris ended up saving a sizable chunk of money and qualifying for a tax credit after enrolling in Covered California’s SHOP marketplace.


The Pursuit of Healthiness

Erika Feinberg’s entire professional life revolves around the promotion of wellness and a healthy, active lifestyle, all while wearing a smile.

Feinberg, CEO and “Chief Happiness Officer” of ActiveForever, heads the nation’s largest eCommerce provider of medical, safety, fitness and productivity products.

“I’ve always been amazed by the human body,” she said. “Due to my upbringing, I’ve always had a profound appreciation for life, as well.”