The Agenda for Georgia’s Entrepreneurs

Small Business Majority has created a comprehensive state policy agenda to ensure entrepreneurship is at the center of a thriving and inclusive economy in Georgia. The state’s 1.2 million small businesses comprise 99.6% of all businesses in the state, and they employ 1.7 million residents—nearly half of all Georgia employees.


Business owner underscores the value of mentorship for youth entrepreneurs in Georgia

Serving her local community came as a natural transition for JeJuan Stewart, CEO and Lead Consultant of EAGLE 7 Consulting in rural Georgia. She also leads the John and JeJuan Stewart, Jr. Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose vision is to create a group of focused, empowered youth who make a positive difference as individuals in their families and communities. 


Justice-impacted entrepreneur highlights the importance of second-chance hiring

Savannah-based Charlotte Garnes worked for 11 years as a licensed mental health and substance abuse therapist. When she was only two credits away from receiving her Ph.D. in 2013, her life completely changed. She was sentenced to five years in prison as a result of unethical billing practices performed by employees under her supervision. 


The Agenda for Georgia’s Young Entrepreneurs

Small Business Majority has created a comprehensive policy agenda to ensure young entrepreneurs have the tools they need to contribute to a thriving and equitable economy. In the United States, there are nearly 5.9 million entrepreneurs under the age of 35. According to a recent study conducted by Junior Achievement USA, 3 in 5 American teens (60%) would be more interested in starting their own business than having a traditional job. Young Georgians should have the resources and support to start and grow their own business.


Small Business Majority supports record clearing reform to address workforce challenges in Georgia

On February 22, Small Business Majority's Georgia Director Rachel Shanklin submitted a letter to the House Committee on Judiciary Non-Civil Committee in support of HB 334, legislation that will expand record clearing, which will in turn increase workforce opportunities for Georgia small businesses.


Small Business Majority supports occupational licensing expansion for Georgia small businesses

On February 22, Small Business Majority's Georgia Director Rachel Shanklin submitted a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee in support of of SB 157, legislation that will give Georgians a fair chance and help expand our state’s skilled workforce by making it easier for entrepreneurs and jobseekers to obtain occupational licenses.


Small Business Majority and partner organizations in Georgia oppose legislation failing to require APR disclosures

On February 21, Small Business Majority, LISC Atlanta, New Town Macon, the Atlanta Wealth Building Initiative and Albany Community Together, Inc. submitted a letter to the Georgia House Committee on Banks and Banking in opposition to HB 84, legislation that would make Georgia small businesses vulnerable to non-transparent financing providers by failing to require all providers to disclose the annual percentage rate (APR) or estimated APR.