Business owner underscores the value of mentorship for youth entrepreneurs in Georgia

Serving her local community came as a natural transition for JeJuan Stewart, CEO and Lead Consultant of EAGLE 7 Consulting in rural Georgia. She also leads the John and JeJuan Stewart, Jr. Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose vision is to create a group of focused, empowered youth who make a positive difference as individuals in their families and communities. 

JeJuan started her consulting firm more than 11 years ago while working as a Physician's Assistant in Anesthesia (PA-C). Now with over 25 years of experience in community engagement, she is using her retirement to pour into the next generation of leaders.

Her goal is to address the needs of underrepresented communities through innovative solutions. And to do so, she leverages educational and community outreach strategies to build education around financial literacy, scholarship guidance, and relationship building tools for parents and community organizations.

She says, “I enjoy connecting the dots in my community and making a difference. Whether it is serving the marginalized parent community or aligning organizations to increase their impact, I remain committed to cultivating relationships through servant-leadership by the Power of One.”

Through her local initiatives, JeJuan is also laying the groundwork to create an ecosystem to support youth in their entrepreneurial endeavors. Every day, we hear inspiring stories about young individuals choosing entrepreneurship as their pathway to success. However, JeJuan shares that this is a segment of the population that needs help building self-confidence, gaining applied experiences, and accessing resources. JeJuan firmly believes these barriers can be overcome with intentional parent engagement and supportive mentorship.

She says, “Supporting youth as leaders and entrepreneurs requires time, talent and tenacity.  But with the collaborative aid of local organizations, small businesses and nonprofits, we can support them and provide them the guidance to excel in critical areas. Mentorship can provide a critical component to building relationships.” She believes the value of effective communication, listening, empathy and leadership are essential skills that youth can gain through an inspiring mentor. 

JeJuan advises and encourages parents and mentors to join the cause by volunteering to become mentors. “Our kids can reach success when we provide them with the tools and resources they need to become leaders of their own.”

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