Georgia business owner takes on healthcare inequity in more ways than one

Full-time health policy advocate and part-time doula Knetta Adkins is striving to make the Georgia healthcare system more accessible for everyone–especially families of color.
Knetta started practicing as a doula three years ago in Alabama, but soon after she relocated to Georgia and started her own practice, Douwella, where she supports parents through their pre and postpartum journey.
She says, “It’s important to me that I ensure that the families I work with have agency over their birthing story.”


Small Business Majority supports the Georgia Family Insurance Act

On March 23, 2022 Small Business Majority submitted a letter to the Georgia House Committee on Industry and Labor in support of the Georgia Family Insurance Act (HB 1517), which would establish a state-run insurance program that would guarantee all eligible workers 12 weeks of paid medical and family leave.


Atlanta business owner uses predatory experience to educate first-time entrepreneurs

As a business owner, not asking the right questions in the beginning stages of your business can lead to years of financial repercussions. Georgia entrepreneur Markela Taylor knows this well. 

Markela was happy at her nine-to-five job until a family emergency pulled her away from the office. After believing her job would be safe while she traveled to be with her family, she was surprised when she got an email saying her job was in jeopardy.  


Small Business Majority supports the Georgia Economic Growth Act

On March 4, Small Business Majority submitted a letter in support of the Georgia Economic Growth Act to the House Committee on Government Affairs at the Georgia General Assembly. The legislation will establish a State Office of Supplier Diversity, which would help increase supplier diversity in state contracts and expand procurement opportunities targeting minority-owned businesses in Georgia.


Atlanta Wealth Building Initiative

Atlanta Wealth Building Initiative (AWBI) advances community wealth building strategies through thought leadership, movement building, and new systems and structures of capital to challenge systemic bias and close the racial wealth gap. As an intermediary, AWBI’s work is centered on the support and coordination of the nonprofit business support ecosystem with the intention to build leaders, promote wide-spread engagement, and advance bold ideas that move the sector forward for greater collective impact.

Georgia bakery owner strives to create sustainable careers for her team

Georgia leads the nation in production of peanuts, pecans, blueberries and spring onions. Don’t forget the peaches. The warm weather, diverse soil types and rural surroundings make for fresh, rich produce. For Sarah O’Brien, owner and founder of Little Tart Bakeshop in Atlanta, this luscious produce is one of the main reasons she moved to the South to start her business in 2010. 


Renard Beaty

Renard Beaty is a 5th degree Master Martial Arts Instructor in Tang Soo Do, a self-defense art made famous in movies by Chuck Norris. He has operated Kick Start Martial Arts since August 2008, now located in Grant Park, metro Atlanta. He opened a second business this year, Invictus Firearm Safety & Defense LLC where he serves as a certified U.S. conceal and carry (USCCA) instructor.


Pandemic sparks entrepreneurship for rural candlemaker

Middle school teacher Talia Waller started making her own organic candles for fun because the price point for similar products are so high in stores. In the early days of the pandemic, her candle-making hobby became a successful side hustle for Talia. These days, Catherine Ann’s Candles—named for Talia’s two grandmothers—is a thriving business with a storefront and bulk contracts with her local supermarket.