Small Business Majority calls on congressional leadership to allocate $250 billion in small business grant assistance in COVID-19 stimulus package

Sunday, March 22, 2020

On March 22, Small Business Majority sent a letter to Senate and House leadership calling on Congress to provide immediate grant assistance to small businessses being harmed by COVID-19. 

Since COVID-19 began to spread further across the U.S. and forced business closures and supply chain disruptions, we have been in constant communication with our network of 58,000 small business owners, our national Small Business Council, business support organizations and other stakeholders that support the small business community. We are hearing countless stories from business owners of forced layoffs and lost revenues, through no fault of their own. They have painted a dire reality of what they are facing and what they have already lost, which requires bold and immediate action to immediately bolster small businesses to prevent further losses and ensure these businesses can reopen. 

This is why we believe the relief package currently being debated must include an array of resources and loans to small businesses, but most importantly, it must immediately provide significant and efficient funds to small businesses. Nearly 1,500 small business owners in our network have signed a letter urging Congress to provide grant assistance to help small businesses recover. To address their needs, the current stimulus package must be amended to include at least $250 billion in stimulus relief for the small business community in the form of small business grants. Anything short of this will slow recovery efforts and fail America’s small businesses and their employees.