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Bianca Blomquist, the Northern California outreach director for the Small Business Majority, is using Malibu’s tale in a Senate hearing about predatory lending as it impacts Black Americans. This year, the organization’s agenda prioritized BIPOC owners accessing capital, like extending the impacts of the Small Business Lending Disclosure and Broker Regulation Act.

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Small Business Majority research has shown that most small business owners need affordable and accessible child care to thrive.

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In this episode, Erin Brinker sits down with Small Business Majority's Jessica Anguiano and small business owner Michele Jimenez to discuss the organization's dedication to supporting Hispanic-owned and operated businesses during Hispanic Heritage Month.

| Colorado Politics

With the introduction of the federal Child Care Stabilization Act, Colorado’s lawmakers in Washington D.C. have the opportunity to create a sustainable and stable funding source for childcare nationally. They must support it so Colorado’s small business ecosystem can thrive.

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In a special episode of Get in Motion Entrepreneurs, Armando hosts Jessica Anguiano of Small Business Majority! Jessica will share valuable insights on how Hispanic entrepreneurs in the United States can access crucial resources and assistance.

| Responsible Business Lending Coalition

Continued disclosure of APR for California’s small business owners will support a healthy business financing market that rewards finance providers for offering the most innovative and affordable products, rather than devising the most misleading pricing information. This will empower business owners to comparison shop and lower prices for small business capital, supporting a thriving economy for main streets across California.

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Excessive monopolization also harms small businesses, according to a comment letter from the Small Business Majority, which represents the country’s 33 million small businesses. That’s because when hospitals crowd out competition, insurers are compelled to contract with them at sky-high rates. Those excessive costs are passed onto small business owners and their employees, forcing them to overpay for health care, wrote John Arensmeyer, the group’s CEO.

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John Arensmeyer explains what the end of pandemic-era childcare support will mean for businesses. He also talks about the Department of Labor’s proposed overtime rule and what’s at stake for business owners if the government shuts down. Plus: owners say banks are getting harder to deal with.


“Allowing these child care investments to expire will disrupt the entire small business community, disproportionately impacting under-resourced and rural small businesses,” said John Arensmeyer, founder and CEO of Small Business Majority.

| Healthcare Innovation

The group says it wants to advance policies that prevent providers, manufacturers and hospitals from engaging in business tactics that stifle competition that lead to higher prices. Members of the new group include American Academy of Family Physicians, American Benefits Council and Small Business Majority.