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Such improvements may include incremental changes to the act. As the Small Business Majority stated, “[W]e hope that Congress focuses on strengthening the law and creating even more opportunities for small business owners to access quality coverage at an affordable price.”

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As the owner of a small home health care business, I’m shocked and disappointed by Cole County Circuit Judge Jon Beetem’s recent ruling blocking Medicaid expansion in Missouri. In my line of business, I’ve seen firsthand how beneficial this could be to small businesses and rural communities in our state that don’t qualify for alternative coverage options.

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“This session was pretty great, with a lot of small business wins,” said Lindsey Vigoda, Colorado director of The Small Business Majority, an organization that advocates for and seeks to empower small businesses.

“Legislators are finally understanding that small businesses are the crux of a community, and they need to be written into every single policy,” Vigoda said.

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Not all businesses oppose public option plans. Small Business Majority (SBM), which has a network of more than 85,000 small business members, has supported the ACA as well as a public option.

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“Entrepreneurs - especially those of color, in low-income, and rural areas - encounter challenges in accessing capital and are less likely to have relationships with business networks and mentorships that make it easier to start and grow a business. The Next Generation Entrepreneurs Corps Act will spur leadership and support innovation for underserved communities in Colorado that have been disadvantaged for far too long,” said Lindsey Vigoda, Colorado Director of the Small Business Majority.

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Research shows that almost half of small business owners have increased deductibles or copayments for their employees, and a quarter have required their employees to pay higher premiums. A recent article in cited findings from a poll sponsored by the Small Business Majority and patient advocacy group Families USA noting that “small businesses are struggling to cover the high costs of health insurance for their employees after a year of COVID-19.”

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As a child growing up in the rugged Rust Belt city of Rockford, Ill., Michelle Youngblood loved to make sketches of dresses and outfits. After high school she went to design school in Chicago.

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Statement from John Arensmeyer, Founder & CEO of Small Business Majority, on the importance of a robust infrastructure deal for small businesses

“After months of stalled negotiations, we are encouraged that a bipartisan group of senators have come to an agreement with the White House on an infrastructure package that includes critical provisions from the American Jobs Plan. But with that said, we urge Congress to enact even more substantial economic reforms needed to level the playing field for small businesses.

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U.S. Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar, R-Fla., is backing a proposal she insists will “help increase support to female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses.”

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As a result, many businesses now owe hundreds of thousands of dollars in rent debt — with companies in underrepresented communities being disproportionately impacted. In January, Small Business Majority released a report, saying that 52% of Latino, 55% of Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders and 45% of Black entrepreneurs were struggling to pay rent or mortgages over the next six months.