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Ask an investor why they choose to fund small businesses and they will probably tell you they enjoy empowering the local economy. Or they need to diversify their portfolio. Or working with independent entrepreneurs is satisfying – and rewarding financially.

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One more study from Young Invincibles and Small Business Majority reported that almost 50% of millennial students who had student loan debt said their student loan payments kept them from starting a new business.

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The crew embedded with Jeremy Cook, a small-business owner living in Augusta, W.Va., who is a caregiver to his two adult sons with nonverbal autism; Alicia Villaneuva, a Hayward, Calif.-based Mexican immigrant who launched a company making and selling tamales; and Joseph Graham Jr., a single father in Concord, N.C., who secured his bachelor’s and master’s degrees later in life.

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"Colorado small business owners and self-employed applicants are looking forward to the launch of the Colorado FAMLI program, which will allow employers to offer access to a benefit that is important to supporting their workforce," said Lindsey Vigoda, Colorado Director for Small Business Majority.

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Richard Gordon, an independent insurance broker, said it is time to do some research, and find out what your options are. His is one of many small businesses offering community outreach events to help people to sign up for coverage online.

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Of all the ways of starting a new business, one that included the purchase of a Nigerian dwarf goat named Barnaby was not on the mind of Michele Jimenez.

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A survey from the nonprofit Small Business Majority this summer found that one in three businesses felt they could not survive another three months in business “without additional capital” or if the macro-economic climate took a turn.

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“We are happy to see Governor Kemp acknowledging the importance of creating small business equity with the announcement of the Small Business and Supplier Diversity Initiative Report,” said Rachel Shanklin, Georgia director of Small Business Majority, a small-business advocacy group.

| U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business & Entrepreneurship

This legislation is endorsed by the Mission Lenders Working Group, the National Association of Development Companies, the National Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders, the Association of Entreprise Opportunity, and Small Business Majority.

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