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As Small Business Majority noted in an amicus brief filed in Texas v. United States, the ACA has provided quality, affordable health coverage to numerous small firms and entrepreneurs that once struggled to access health insurance.

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The Small Business Majority (SBM), a national small business advocacy organization, has planned a series of events for the week and is also featuring photos of small business owners on its social media accounts.

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I’m not alone in trying to navigate these difficulties.

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As small business owners we’re disappointed the Colorado legislature is not passing a paid leave bill this year because the Family Medical Leave Insurance Program (FAMLI Act) would level the playing field for small firms trying to compete with their larger business counterparts for talented emplo

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National Small Business Week is a time to recognize everything great about America’s small firms, and one of the best things about small businesses is the contributions we make to our communities. Giving back is really important to me, and so is protecting our planet.

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Paid leave opponents often articulate unfounded small business concerns to ward off changes to the status quo.

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Under the previous tax law, Sandra Payne's construction equipment manufacturer had a 15% tax rate on the first $50,000 in income. Under the new law, that rose to 21%.

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In addition, there are benefits to your bottom line for providing medical coverage to your employees.

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Fortunately, lawmakers have the chance to fix this problem, and small business owners support a solution already on the table.

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While larger business groups opposed details in the bill, many small businesses backed it. Hunter Railey, with the Colorado Small Business Majority, said he hopes Democrats don’t delay implementation of a statewide leave program.