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“Fiscal incentives like AB 1864 will provide a competitive advantage to small business owners and combat job scarcity in local communities,” Small Business Majority Policy Director Bianca Blomquist told lawmakers Monday. “The local hire tax credit is a common sense approach to assist small business owners and employees facing local economic hurdles to employment.”

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Non-profit Small Business Majority says it’s time for more federal, state and local contracts to go to minority owned businesses, as well as increasing funding in programs that help minorities build their credit.


Please join Prestamos CDFI, SCORE Silicon Valley, Oakland African American Chamber of Commerce and Small Business Majority for an interactive presentation on free and low-cost programs that may offer your business a competitive advantage to attract and retain a talented workforce.

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What's more, Small Business Majority's recent research found nearly 4 in 10 say their revenue has declined since this time last year.

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Small businesses have long faced an uphill battle competing against bigger corporations. But, recently, the playing field has become even less level, thanks to pressure from mammoth tech platforms and corporate consolidations creating ever larger Goliaths, to name a few factors. What’s more, the pandemic exacerbated the problems, as many small businesses struggled to stay afloat.

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Every year the state touts being voted No. 1 for business, but small business owners — especially entrepreneurs of color — continue to struggle with challenges brought on by the pandemic, Small Business Majority Georgia Director Rachel Shanklin said.

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Childcare providers across Colorado and here in Arvada are struggling to keep up with the requirements that affect and regulate early childhood education. As a small childcare provider, I know how difficult and onerous it is to keep up with all the different rules and bylaws of the industry. This is why legislators need to immediately pass HB 22-1295, legislation that will help streamline programming and regulations of childcare businesses, and support families and businesses like mine.

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More than 60 news businesses in the Fresno area have received funds, loans and financial literacy training thanks to a new tool for the region.

The website features a matchmaking tool powered by, a program of the nonprofit Small Business Majority. Business owners can fill out an online form to get connected with resources, capital and other forms of support.

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Additionally, a Small Business Majority survey found that 7 in 10 small business owners support measures to provide free preschool services. Investing in affordable childcare will not only benefit small childcare businesses, but will also ensure parents can fully participate in the workforce amid ongoing COVID-19 outbreaks and childcare challenges.

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But these companies still face a lot of uncertainty, according to John Arensmeyer, CEO of the advocacy group Small Business Majority.

Uncertainty “about prices — they’re being impacted by inflation,” he said. “Uncertainty about rebuilding their workforce.”