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| Columbia Regional Business Report

The CDFIs are supported by technical assistance and business support organizations including Winrock International, LISC’s local offices and national rural program, and Small Business Majority, which will help with outreach, education, and hands-on business advisory services. Calvert Impact Capital is arranging and LISC Fund Management is managing the fund.

| CO Alliance for Health Care Options

"Colorado's economic recovery hinges on the success of our small business community, and they need access to health coverage that makes sense for their bottom lines and ensures they and their workforce can stay healthy," said Lindsey Vigoda, Colorado Director for Small Business Majority. "We have heard extensively from small business owners across the state about how access to affordable benefits can directly benefit their businesses, particularly those in industries that face additional barriers to accessing affordable health coverage.

| Yahoo! En Espanol

Las pequeñas empresas de minorías tienen más del doble de probabilidades de cerrar de manera temporal que las de blancos, reveló este lunes una nueva encuesta publicada por Small Business Majority.

| Denver 7

The American Dream does not always extend to people without citizenship status and local lawmakers want to make sure that dream can stay alive in Colorado.

| Block Club Chicago

Business owners of color have reported pandemic-related troubles at a greater rate than their white counterparts. Asian American and Pacific Islander business owners reported the highest likelihood of closing their business permanently due to the pandemic’s impacts, according to a January 2021 poll by the Small Business Majority. Over half of the AAPI entrepreneurs surveyed also reported difficulty paying rent or mortgages.

| City of San Jose

Rebuilding Your Business Webinar: On Thursday, April 29, from 3:30 to 5 p.m., the City of San José is holding a free online workshop featuring local experts on promoting your business, accessing funding, and finding affordable healthcare and retirement options for you and your employees. Join representatives from ZingPop Social Media, SV Small Business Development Center, Small Business Majority, and Minority Business Development Agency San José Business Center.

| Value Walk

The bill is endorsed by the National Urban League, U.S. Black Chambers (USBC), Small Business Majority, Association Enterprise for Opportunity (AEO), National Asian Pacific Islander American Chamber of Commerce and Entrepreneurship (National ACE), the Page 30 Coalition, and Local Initiatives Support Coalition (LISC).

| United States Senate Committee on Finance

John Arensmeyer, founder & CEO, Small Business Majority. “Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, women and people of color faced systemic barriers to launching and growing their businesses. Entrepreneurship has become even more challenging over the past year as women entrepreneurs and business owners of color have faced disproportionate impacts from the pandemic and greater challenges accessing capital," "In order to promote a more level playing field, we must address inequities in the tax code that are putting these entrepreneurs at a disadvantage.

| Accounting Today

A group of Senate Democrats introduced legislation Tuesday to give small businesses owned by women and people of color greater access to capital through tax incentives.

The bill has gained early support from some small business groups, including the Main Street Alliance and the Small Business Majority.

| Representative Jimmy Gomez

Today, Congressman Jimmy Gomez (CA-34) introduced the For the 99.5% Act, legislation that would create a progressive estate tax on the top 0.5% of wealthy Americans. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) introduced this bill in the United States Senate.