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This is why Julie has been endorsed by over 250 business organizations including Small Business Majority and the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce.

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Among the cuts Republicans demanded to end their fiscal brinkmanship were to programs that give entrepreneurs access to credit: the lifeblood of small business. This includes reducing support for the State Small Business Credit Initiative, a proven program that assists underserved communities and businesses owned by women and minorities.


Most small business owners in California support expanding benefits that help employees take care of their health and their family, like paid sick days. That’s according to the results of a new opinion poll.

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You're leaving small business owners no choice when the state makes those mandates because they have to take on costs. So they have to innovate and stay ahead otherwise the only option is to keep increasing pricing and hope that their customers keep coming through the door.

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Chrishon Lampley, owner of the wine brand Love Cork Screw, says more expensive restaurant prices have led her to cut back on taking prospective customers out for meals. Instead, she gives potential wine buyers small gifts.

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Charlotte Garnes, 48, served nearly four years in prison for Medicaid fraud. She’s now studying toward a degree and works for the Bail Project. She also helped found ReNforce in Savannah, which offers coaching for businesses that are willing to hire people formerly imprisoned.

| The Salt Lake Tribune

I urge policymakers to understand that reproductive health care access is not just a personal matter but a significant economic issue. According to a new Small Business Majority poll, 57% of women small business owners view abortion care as an important benefit to attaining financial security, while 89% believe that child care access is essential.

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While the future of reproductive healthcare continues to hang in the balance, we must consider how restricting access to abortion and birth control is working against women entrepreneurship and our economy as a whole.

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A new Small Business Majority poll found that 64% of women small business owners reported that their ability to decide if and when to have children has allowed them to advance in their career and start their own businesses.

| Orlando Sentinel

A new Small Business Majority poll has found that across party lines, 92% of women small-business owners agree that women must be able to choose if and when to have children.