Denver boutique owner says good-bye to brick-and-mortar shop, and joins community of online retailers

The retail industry has always been part of Allison Orr’s life, so it’s not surprising that she eventually came to own a retail business. Now, in the midst of a global pandemic, this experience has enabled her to turn her brick-and-mortar boutique into an online store to safely serve her community.

Small Business Majority Supports State Income Tax Exclusion for PPP and Rebuild Virginia Grant Borrowers

Today, Small Business Majority submitted remarks to the House Committee on Finance during the Virginia Regular Session support SB 1146, which would provide up to $50,000 in deductions related to the Rebuild Virginia Grants and up to $50,000 for forgiven PPP loans. SB 1146 would create parity in how PPP funds are treated at both the federal and state level and would allow small businesses not to incur more debt during the pandemic.


Virginia small business owner helps keep kids engaged in the kitchen

Keeping kids engaged, curious and confident throughout virtual learning and lockdowns is a task many parents and schools have struggled with over the past 10 months. Fortunately, Virginia small business owner Ellen Victoria Luckey is well equipped to help her community tackle the issue. 


Small Business Majority Comments on SSBCI Program

Small Business Majority submitted a comment today on the State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI) ahead of a House Committee on Financial Services subcommittee hearing about the program. SSBCI was a critical resource to strengthen state programs that support financing for small businesses across the country. 


Small businesses continue to face closures in 2021

Small Business Majority
Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Nearly a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, small business owners continue to experience significant setbacks and reduced customer demand. A national survey of small business owners spotlights the distressing effects of the pandemic and what owners anticipate in the months to come. The polling also reveals the disproportionate impact of the economic crisis on small business owners of color, particularly Black, Latino and Asian American/Pacific Islander entrepreneurs. 

Small Business Majority Supports Virginia Retirement Savings Program

Today, Small Business Majority submitted a letter of support for HB 2174, which would establish an automatic enrollment payroll deduction individual retirement account (IRA) retirement savings program in Virginia. This would be an important step to support small business owners and their employees who are unable to access traditional retirement benefits. 


Kansas City entrepreneur cashes in on her experience to provide telehealth services to the underserved

When Dr. Shelley Cooper launched her telehealth consulting business Diversity Telehealth LLC in Kansas City, Mo. in 2015, she knew she’d face an uphill battle due to the nature of her work. “‘What is telehealth, and how does it work?’—Those are the questions I get all the time,” says Dr. Cooper. “But I’m here to tell you about the lifesaving benefits it can provide, and why you should care about it.”


Small Business Majority Supports State Income Tax Exclusion for PPP Borrowers in Virginia

Small Business Majority submitted written testimony during Virginia's General Session in support of HB 1787, which would establish an state income tax exclusion for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) borrowers. Small Business Majority called on the House Committee on Finance to support the legislation as it would help small buisnesses by creating parity in how PPP funds are treated at the federal and state level.