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Although California leads the nation in expanding healthcare coverage, too many middle income entrepreneurs and small business employees are struggling to afford health insurance. Something is being done about this problem, but it isn’t quite enough just yet.


SB 343 is supported by a coalition of healthcare, consumer, business and worker advocates, including the Silicon Valley Employers Forum, the Small Business Majority, Health Access California, the California Labor Federation, SEIU California and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

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A scientific poll commissioned by national education and advocacy group Small Business Majority found that 91 percent of California’s small business owners agree there’s a need for more pricing and quality transparency when it comes to health care.

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Illinois' 2019 legislative session produced some important victories for the state's small businesses, particularly when it comes to protecting small firms' access to healthcare.

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The 21st Century SKILLS Act is supported by BSA | The Software Alliance, CLASP, Futures Without Violence, Jobs for the Future, NAACP, National Association of Counties, National Association of Workforce Boards, National Skills Coalition, National League of Cities, SEIU, Small Business Majority, Th

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CAMEO and Small Business Majority issued a joint letter of support for the EITC expansion because it gives small and micro business owners more security while also being paid for through the tax conformity proposal.

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According to a Statement by Mark Herbert, California Director for Small Business Majority, on provisions in California’s 2019-2020 budget that would benefit small businesses, California’s 2019-2020 budget includes funding for proposals to expand existing healthcare subsidies and implement new add


“For years I have been hearing that manufacturing is lost in America,” says Sandra Payne, owner of Denver Concrete Vibrator in Colorado. “And yet there are thousands of manufacturing companies just like this one out there trying to make things domestically.

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Small business advocacy group Small Business Majority has highlighted several benefits of group insurance for employees and employers.

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Financial planning is important for small business owners and women in particular, because we are the ones who have traditionally been expected to make professional sacrifices in order to care for our loved ones.