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| The 21 Hats Morning Report

A bipartisan poll released by Small Business Majority finds that business owners support criminal justice reforms that would lead to expanded candidate pools.

| The American Independent

Rescue Plan funds have been sent to the states and, as a February report from the nonprofit Small Business Majority showed, they helped keep millions of small businesses operating.

| Yahoo! Finance

New polling data from Small Business Majority reveals substantial support for justice reform within the business community, with significant majorities favoring policies to automatically seal old criminal records and make it easier for individuals with convictions to obtain occupational licenses.

| Covered California

“For many smaller firms, coverage through Covered California for Small Business is the only way to provide quality, affordable healthcare to their workforce,” said Bianca Blomquist, California Policy Director, Small Business Majority. “California small businesses are still navigating a competitive job market and fighting for quality talent with limited resources.

| The Business Journals

The new letter, spearheaded by the Small Business Majority and co-signed by more than 25 small-business groups, identified what it said were big gaps in the current technical assistance landscape, including...

| El Tiempo Latino

Small Business Majority y Start Small Think Big publicaron una nueva encuesta el jueves, 13 de octubre, revelando que un 64% de pequeñas empresas citaron el acceso a capital como una barrera que encontraron para poder hacer cambios que mantendrían en funcionamiento sus negocios.

| Patch Sacramento, Ca

California’s small and microbusiness owners won a number of victories during the 2022 legislative session.

| 11 Alive

In this series, we’ll look at the politics behind expansion, analyze what it would cost state taxpayers and take a closer look at campaign promises around the issue.

| The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Georgia entrepreneurs are resilient. We’ve worked hard to grow and maintain our businesses despite ongoing challenges. Although it’s no secret that our nation unfairly benefits wealthier Americans and corporations, especially when it comes to taxes, I’m glad to see efforts being made by lawmakers to level the playing field. The Inflation Reduction Act establishes a 15% minimum tax on corporations with profits above $1 billion, which will require them to start paying their fair share.

| Univision Contigo

Xiomara Peña, Vicepresidente de Small Business Majority nos habla sobre las legislaciones, investigaciones y recursos que benefician a las mujeres emprendedoras.