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A recent Small Business Majority poll found that 61% of California small businesses would support a statewide vaccine and/or testing requirement to enter certain establishments.

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“Our fear is many businesses aren’t going to be able to recover, given everything else they’ve gone through for the past 18 months,” said David Chase, vice president of outreach for the advocacy group Small Business Majority.

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Una nueva encuesta publicada por la organización Small Business Majority encuentra que las pequeñas empresas en California enfrentan reveses por el aumento actual de casos de COVID-19, y apoyan las propuestas para exigir vacunas y pruebas para ayudar a las empresas a permanecer abrir de forma segura.

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An opinion poll released by Small Business Majority found that 60% of business owners “support a proposed vaccine mandate at public-facing businesses.”

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Small business poll reveals support for vaccine mandates: A substantial majority of California small businesses polled by the Small Business Majority support having a state requirement for customers at certain businesses to be vaccinated against the coronavirus or tested, the group said

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The Small Business Majority, a national organization, said in a statement Tuesday that their own Aug. 18-30 survey of 353 California small business owners found strong support for legislation requiring proof of vaccination.

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Corrine Hendrickson makes the children in her daycare wear masks. She has been requiring masking since last year.

A new study from the Small Business Majority has found that more than one in four small businesses (28%) are requiring their employees to get vaccinated and to wear masks. Similarly, about a quarter of all small businesses surveyed are requiring customers to wear masks at all times.

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On Aug. 27, UNITE-LA hosted California Community Colleges Acting Chancellor Daisy Gonzales, Ph.D., to discuss how she is leveraging her experience to identify effective, equitable and culturally responsive strategies to support students and help prepare them for a rapidly changing economy.

Webinar partners included Bay Area Council, Central City Association of Los Angeles, Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation, North Bay Leadership Council and Small Business Majority.

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Nearly three-quarters of small businesses say the current tax system favors big businesses over small businesses, while about two-thirds of small business support increasing taxes on corporations. According to a new Treasury Department analysis, the President’s Agenda will protect 97% of small business owners from income tax rate increases, while delivering tax cuts to more than 3.9 million entrepreneurs.

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Tracey Sylvester, the owner of EHS Pilates in San Francisco said customers and staff are asking she will require proof of vaccination.

Sylvester backed the idea, but wanted to see precisely what the city would be requiring from businesses.