Small Business Majority submits request for information response on ways to strengthen and clarify ERISA

On March 15, Small Business Majority submitted a response to the House Committee on Education and the Workforce's request for information (RFI) to provide feedback on the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Our response recognizes the importance of healthcare plans regulated under ERISA, and we argue that state regulated plans have great potential to offer quality and affordable healthcare coverage to small businesses nationwide.


Small Business Majority submits written testimony on the economic harms of restricting reproductive freedom

On March 12, Small Business Majority submitted written testimony to the Senate Committee on the Budget examining how our nation’s women entrepreneurs are impacted by efforts to restrict reproductive freedom at both the federal and state level. 


Small Business Majority supports healthcare price transparency proposal in Colorado

On Feburary 22, Small Business Majority's Colorado Director Lindsey Virgoda testfied before the Colorado Senate Health and Human Services Committee in support of SB 24-080, legislation that will require health insurance carriers to comply with federal price transparency laws and pharmacy and drug cost reporting laws. If passed, this legislation will ensure insurance carriers adhere to federal regulations, increase healthcare price transparency and help small business owners and Coloradans make more informed decisions.



Small Business Majority provides comments on legislation that would redefine the small group market in Colorado

On February 21, Small Business Majority's Colorado Director Lindsey Vigoda provided comments before the Colorado Senate Health and Human Services Committee on Senate Bill 24-073. This legislation would redefine sizing standards for the small group healthcare plans, limiting the market to businesses with 1-50 employees and pushing out businesses with 51-100 employees. 


Small Business Majority Submits Comments on Proposed Rule to Limit Association Health Plans

On February 16, Small Business Majority Founder and CEO John Arensmeyer provided feedback on the proposed rule to rescind the Department of Labor's (DOL's) 2018 Association Health Plan Rule. We applaud DOL for its proposal, in collaboration with the Biden-Harris Administration, to rescind the previous Administration’s ‘Association Health Plan’ Rule, in order to address rising healthcare costs for America’s small businesses and entrepreneurs. 


Small Business Majority testifies in support of continuity of health care coverage change

Today, Small Business Majority Colorado Director Lindsey Vigoda testified before the Colorado Senate Health and Human Services Committee in support of Senate Bill 24-093, legislation concerning the continuity of healthcare benefits during the transition to a new health benefit plan. The bill would provide reasonable and necessary leeway so Colorado’s small businesses and employees can find a new provider.


Opinion poll: Small businesses struggling with rising healthcare costs, support bipartisan policy solutions

Small Business Majority
Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Small businesses are rebounding from issues stemming from the pandemic, but rising healthcare costs are hurting their bottom lines and limiting their growth. New opinion polling reveals that small business owners strongly support bipartisan policy solutions that lower costs by setting price caps, increasing transparency and promoting competition in the healthcare industry.

Small Business Majority's Virginia Council member testifies in support of establishing Prescription Drug Affordability Board

On February 1, Small Business Majority's Virginia Council member Shirley Modlin, owner of 3D Design and Manufacturing LLC, testified before the Virginia House Labor and Commerce Committee in support of HB 570, legislation which would establish a Prescription Drug Affordability Board in Virginia. Passing this legislation would help address the high cost of prescription drugs, which places a burden on small businesses and their employees.


Small Business Majority Supports Health Care Affordability Fund in New Mexico

On January 29, Small Business Majority's Public Policy Director Awesta Sarkash submitted a letter of support for HB 7, the Health Care Affordability Fund, to the New Mexico House Committee on Appropriations.  This legislation would keep funding levels constant for the Healthcare Affordability Fund, which would ensure the Fund could continue providing affordable coverage to our communities, particularly our small employers. 


Small Business Majority supports creation of Prescription Drug Affordability Board in Virginia

On January 29, Small Business Majority's Public Policy Director Awesta Sarkash submitted testimony before the Virginia Senate Commerce and Labor Committee on legislation to create a Prescription Drug Affordability Board. The bill would protect small employers, employees and other stakeholders within the healthcare system, particularly as small businesses are struggling with thin margins and high healthcare costs.