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Empresaria de Illinois aborda la falta de representación cultural y comienza un centro de aprendizaje enfocado en español

Vanessa Avalos notó la falta de educación bilingüe para niños pequeños en su comunidad, e inmediatamente decidió ejecutar en esa necesidad. Ella lanzó Luna y Cielo, un café de juegos y centro de aprendizaje en español para ayudar a las madres latinas e hispanas a criar niños bilingües y biculturales.


Programa de Ahorros para la Jubilación Illinois Secure Choice

El programa de ahorros para la jubilación Illinois Secure Choice, que fue comulgado como ley en enero de 2015, ayuda a las pequeñas empresas que luchan por ofrecer beneficios de jubilación a sus empleados y brinda seguridad de jubilación a los 2.5 millones de habitantes de Illinois que no tienen acceso a un plan de jubilación en conexión con su empleo. A continuación se muestra una descripción general de lo que las pequeñas empresas deben saber sobre el programa.


Empresario latino expande su empresa social para aumentar el acceso a comida saludable

Ser propietario de una pequeña empresa puede ser un desafío si no se tiene acceso a recursos y herramientas que lo ayuden a comprender y administrar el lado operativo de su empresa. Para Javier Haro, esto tuvo un alto costo cuando su breve debut como propietario de un restaurante se detuvo abruptamente después de cerrar su negocio durante la recesión económica de 2009 que golpeó el mercado.



Predatory lending cripples business half a lifetime in the making

While many 13-year-olds dream of becoming firefighters or football players, 13-year-old Johnathon Bush not only dreamed of being an entrepreneur but was already becoming one. While growing up in Toledo, Ohio, he realized the only way he could make money at a young age was through entrepreneurship, so he started baking cookies and selling them to friends and family. But, his bake sales evolved into something bigger than his middle school self could have expected. 


Rural entrepreneur patches together resources, despite being “sew” remote

When her brother was first deployed to Iraq, Candy Alford embroidered every piece of clothing he owned, from his socks to his washcloths, with his name so his things wouldn’t get misplaced in the group laundry. Not only were the name tags practical, but they garnered quite a few compliments from her brother’s fellow pilots, and he suggested she turn her hobby into a business.


Chicago esthetician does beauty her way

When Noelle Curtis was working to clear up her acne and hyperpigmentation, she noticed not many spas addressed the specific skincare needs of women of color. So instead of continuing to look for someone else’s solution, she decided to become an esthetician herself. After a whirlwind corporate career Noelle went on to open Pretty Dapper Day Spa, which offers a variety of services to Chicagoland clients of all skin types and skin colors.  


Healthy Business, Healthy Bottom Line - West Suburban Chicago Toolkit

As a small business owner, we know you wear many hats—from running the day-to-day operations of your business, to managing employees, building a brand and much more. And for aspiring entrepreneurs, this can mean juggling a traditional job while navigating the ins and outs of starting a new venture. One thing many entrepreneurs feel unequipped to deal while starting or running a business is how to handle business finances and maintain health. 


Anacostia Economic Development Corporation

The Anacostia Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) is a Community Development Corporation that was established in 1969 to meet the overall economic needs, and to improve the quality-of-life circumstances, of the District of Columbia residents. Over the past 45 years, AEDC and its subsidiaries have been at the forefront of small/minority business development, commercial revitalization, housing development, job creation and venture development to serve residents who live East of the Anacostia River and the District of Columbia at-large.