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Small Business Majority Strategic Partners

Small Business Majority is committed to educating small business owners and advocating on their behalf. For many small business owners, a compelling part of being associated with Small Business Majority is the unique access to strategic partners and business organizations with whom we work at national, state and local levels. We strive to ensure that small business owners understand they can benefit from the collective work of many great organizations. For more information about our strategic partnership program, please contact us. 

If you're interested in joining the program or learning more, please fill out this form and we will follow up with you as soon as possible.

Benefits of being a strategic partner

Website & Social Media Connection

Let us help get the word out! Small Business Majority has a robust presence on the internet and we’d like to feature you. Our website receives close to 15,000 visits a month, and our small business lending portal Venturize receives 50,000 visits each month. We also have nearly 20,000 followers across our social media accounts, which include Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We frequently blog on our own site and several other prominent business sites. We are happy to link to your webpage, help advertise your events and get the word out about your important work. We are happy to be linked to your website as a resource, too.

Issue and content expertise

Small Business Majority’s staff is available to educate your organization and members on a number of critical small business issues. We tailor the content to meet your group’s specific needs. Small Business Majority team members bring to the table extensive experience and broad knowledge on such topics as access to capital, retirement benefits, healthcare and workforce laws. Furthermore, several of our staff members are former small business owners themselves.

We offer regular free seminars, in-person or online, for small business owners focused on a host of key small business issues. These events are usually one hour long and include an interactive Q&A session at the end. We welcome business organizations to co-brand these presentations and invite their issue experts to co-present. We also frequently organize panel discussions and invite our strategic partner leaders to participate.

Venturize and other resources

Small Business Majority has developed a host of resources to benefit your small business members. The centerpiece is, an online resource hub that helps small business owners understand their lending options, provides tools and education for growing their business, and connects them with other local trusted resource providers. We offer our strategic partners the opportunity to customize the portal with a co-branded landing page, a custom URL, list their calendar events, and add additional links to your organization’s resources.  

We also offer other valuable resources, including our Health Coverage Guide, an extensive library of research and policy summaries, and information about retirement plan options for small business owners.

Scientific Research

We partner with nationally recognized polling firms to conduct scientific research on trending small business issues and pending legislative policies. This information helps ensure small businesses have a seat at the table with elected officials and decision makers. Our past polling has covered topics such as healthcare, access to capital, retirement, taxes and other issues. We regularly share our research findings with our strategic partners.

Business Leader Briefings

Small Business Majority regularly hosts “Business Leader Briefing” calls to give small business owners direct access to policy experts and to provide updates on small business policy and research. Topics and experts vary depending on current events and issues that interest small business owners. We welcome local chambers and business organizations to co-brand these calls.

Access to National and State Policymakers

Small Business Majority has strong relationships with policymakers in Washington, D.C. and in statehouses across the country, with whom we serve as a bridge and source of information for small business owners and organizations. We provide updates via our newsletter, website and social media accounts to give business owners information about important issues currently being discussed. Additionally, we host events in Washington, D.C., and in our states for business owners to learn about policy and advocate on behalf of various small business issues.

Media Opportunities

Small business owners’ voices are powerful with the media. We help to connect interested small business owners and business organization leaders with regional and national media to share their perspective on various policy issues. This includes media interviews, op-eds and letters to the editor in both local and national publications. We also regularly provide business owners and leaders with media trainings to help them make their voices heard. This gives business owners and our partners the opportunity to provide their view and draw visibility to their business or organization.

If you're interested in joining the program or learning more, please fill out this form and we will follow up with you as soon as possible.


A strategic partnership between Small Business Majority and your organization does NOT imply any of the following: 1) a financial relationship between Small Business Majority and your organization; and 2) an endorsement of policy positions taken by Small Business Majority or your organization.