Suite Spotte: A coworking space for entrepreneurs

For many micropreneurs or self-employed freelancers, working at home can be isolating. While home offices have plenty of perks, they don’t provide opportunities to interact with others and they can be full of distractions.

Sue Reardon set out to solve this problem with the creation of Suite Spotte, a coworking space in La Grange, IL dedicated to helping entrepreneurs thrive. Suite Spotte is a welcoming and energetic space that’s not just great for getting work done – it also provides a community of collaborative and ambitious entrepreneurs.

“About 50 percent of the economy is expected to be freelancers, micropreneurs and independent contractors by 2020,” said Reardon. “Suite Spotte is a space where these types of entrepreneurs can thrive.”

Suite Spotte has quickly become a productive workspace for like-minded small business owners, just as Reardon intended.

“I often leave Suite Spotte at the end of the day with my head swimming not only with thoughts of work I need to do, but also inspiration to make my business even better,” said Amber Dewey Schultz, founder of Clique Social + Design and a Suite Spotte regular in a blog post. “I know that my business wouldn’t be as successful today if I had never found this coworking space.”

It’s no surprise that Suite Spotte has been so successful in helping the local small business community. The coworking space is hardly Reardon’s first foray into the world of entrepreneurship. She’s also the owner of the Growth Coach, where she helps entrepreneurs turn their dreams and passions into a focused growth plan for their business. Plus, she’s written a book for entrepreneurs who want to succeed: Rocka Million – A Manifesto for the Gutsy Micropreneur.

“Entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy, which makes their success important to us all,” said Reardon. “My goal is to help entrepreneurs channel their passions into viable business opportunities that maximize their success.”

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