Why D.C. small businesses support paid leave

Paid leave has been a hot topic lately, with several new initiatives and laws in the works around the country and in the D.C. region. Maryland’s Montgomery County recently approved a law allowing employees to accrue a limited number of paid sick days, and D.C. is weighing a law that would provide up to 16 weeks of family leave. Some critics are arguing that paid leave laws are bad for small businesses – but the reality is that many small business owners believe paid leave policies help them attract and retain talented employees, which is good for their bottom line.

Small Business Majority has held multiple roundtables in D.C. and Maryland to have candid conversations with small business owners on paid leave. We’ve found that many small employers are actually in favor of paid leave because it can boost employee morale and increase worker productivity. Additionally, Small Business Majority’s polling found 50 percent of small business owners would support a paid sick leave law.

The bottom line is that for many small business owners, new paid leave laws are good for business. As policymakers weigh paid leave legislation, it’s important to listen to real small business owners – not partisan pundits.