Unique Image Is Seeing Purple

Every business sets its sights on making it rain greenbacks, but LA-based marketing firm Unique Image decided to look past the money and build a brand around purple. And why not base a business around the qualities of purple? After all, purple embodies strength, royalty, style and intelligence – key attributes for any successful business, especially a marketing and media agency.

As chief strategist and visionary for Unique Image, Wafa Kanan orchestrates the marketing, branding and multimedia solutions of her boutique agency.

“Unique Image offers state-of-the-art graphic solutions and brand messaging services,” Kanan said. “Our accomplished team of designers and marketers are adept branding strategists, routinely delivering the media exposure our clients crave.”

With a reach that stretches far and wide, Unique Image has created dynamic campaigns for the entertainment, health, education, tourism and technology industries.

“As a small, woman-owned business, Unique Image strives daily to reveal those diamonds in the rough and focus on unlocking a client’s true market potential,” she said.

Like every marketing and media agency, the evolution of technology has forced many to adapt quickly or sink. Unique Image has managed to elegantly embrace this change while remaining true to their mission.

“By 2011, 80 percent of our major accounts transferred their communications to digital,” Kanan said, highlighting the rapid spread of the digital sphere over many communications departments. “So we went back to the drawing board and reinvented our company’s capabilities.”

Whereas before, collateral materials, such as outdoor banners and pamphlets, used to cut it, now Unique Image embraces direct marketing and event promotion utilizing all that multimedia and technology has to offer.

“Over the past three years, Unique Image has laid out a vision of becoming an umbrella organization with state-of-the-art digital production and a creative hub in multiple formats of digital communications,” she said.

To that end, Unique Image seeks out the brightest and most cutting edge talent they can find.

“We believe this formula of aggregating the best and the brightest of creative talents within their fields provide an added value to our clientele.”

In order to attract a uniquely skilled workforce and transform into a hub of digital creativity and innovation, Kanan is in the process of investing in a nearby historical building, which she believes will be ideal for their newfound operational model.

Not every agency would be able to adapt their business model to conform to the changing needs of the communications field, but Kanan has personified all of the qualities of Unique Image’s trademark purple to create an evolving, thriving agency.

Companies might want to start thinking purple if they want to rake in the green.

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