New Paid Family and Medical Leave Bill is a Boon for Wisconsin Small Businesses

For Immediate Release: 
Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Statement by Tasha Brown, Midwest Director at Small Business Majority, on support for the Paid Leave for All bill that will help small employers compete with big businesses for talent

"We are proud to support Representative Francesca Hong (District 76-D) and Senator LaTonya Johnson’s (District 6-D) introduction of the ‘Paid Leave for All’ bill that would enact a state-administered paid family and medical leave insurance program. A state-administered program will be a boon to small businesses and their employees by facilitating access to a benefit that small businesses have historically struggled to offer. 

Across Wisconsin, small business owners are eager to offer their employees benefits like paid family and medical leave. However, despite their best efforts, many are unable to shoulder the administrative costs associated with offering a robust plan on their own. Being able to offer paid family and medical leave to candidates and employees is a benefit that will help smaller firms compete with larger businesses that can afford to offer paid leave programs on their own. Additionally, a majority of Wisconsin small businesses believe it is important to establish a state program to guarantee access to paid family and medical leave. 

The introduced state-run paid family and medical leave bill was designed to address the unique needs of local Wisconsin small businesses. In particular, employers with fewer than 15 employees are not required to contribute to the fund, and self-employed individuals, including independent contractors, can opt into coverage. 

When implemented, paid leave programs have proven successful, drawing more people into the workforce and supporting the investments needed to shore up high-morale work environments that can reduce turnover costs.

We applaud Rep. Hong and Sen. Johnson for introducing this bill and urge the Wisconsin legislature to advance it swiftly through the review process."


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