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Small Business Speaks: Two Days in Washington with Small Business Majority

On September 26 and 27, Small Business Majority hosted an advocacy fly-in event, “Small Business Speaks: Two Days in Washington with Small Business Majority.” Nearly 30 entrepreneurs from the organization’s national and state Small Business Councils attended the event to build community and ensure that federal policymakers heard the true voice of small business.


Small Business Majority testifies in support of Health Care Sharing Consumer Protections

On April 1, Small Business Majority's Colorado Director Lindsey Vigoda testified before the House Health and Insurance Committee on legislation that requiring Health Care Sharing Arrangements (HCSAs) to submit basic information to the Colorado Division of Insurance about how they operate, which will provide greater transparency for all Coloradans and entrepreneurs who may wish to sign up for HCSAs.


Small Business Majority supports the Georgia Economic Growth Act

On March 4, Small Business Majority submitted a letter in support of the Georgia Economic Growth Act to the House Committee on Government Affairs at the Georgia General Assembly. The legislation will establish a State Office of Supplier Diversity, which would help increase supplier diversity in state contracts and expand procurement opportunities targeting minority-owned businesses in Georgia.


Small Business Majority urges Congress to advance Dilawar Syed's nomination as Deputy Administrator of the SBA

Today, Small Business Majority shared a letter with members of the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business & Entrepreneurship to share concerns about recent actions preventing the nomination of Dilawar Syed to Deputy Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration. The letter outlines Mr. Syed's qualifications for the role and urges the Committee to advance his nomination swiftly. 


Small Business Majority supports economic equity in California state contracting and procurement

On June 10, 2021 Small Business Majority wrote to California State Senator Richard Roth in support of AB 915, which would ensure that a fair share of procurement spending is directed and dedicated to small and minority-owned small businesses. 


Denver boutique owner says good-bye to brick-and-mortar shop, and joins community of online retailers

The retail industry has always been part of Allison Orr’s life, so it’s not surprising that she eventually came to own a retail business. Now, in the midst of a global pandemic, this experience has enabled her to turn her brick-and-mortar boutique into an online store to safely serve her community.

Small Business Majority Urges Congress to Pass Relief Bill

Today, Small Business Majority sent a letter to Congressional leaders urging them to pass a comprehensive and robust COVID-19 relief package. This week kicks off National Small Business Week when just last week, new data revealed small businesses across the country are closing permanently. The consequences of not passing a relief package that includes more funding for small businesses would be catastrophic. 


Small Business Majority Comments on CRA Proposed Rule Changes

Today, Small Business Majority submitted comments to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation regarding proposed rules changes to the Community Reinvestment Act. Some of Small Business Majority's concerns include that these proposed changes would negatively impact underserved entrepreneurs in low and moderate income (LMI) communities and disincentive banks from making qualified smaller-dollar loans that are the lifeblood of small businesses. 


Small business owners say government doesn’t understand their concerns, need help with healthcare costs and other challenges

Small Business Majority
Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Policymakers at all levels, from town councils to the halls of Capitol Hill, emphasize the challenges of small businesses as a key talking point during political debates. But new opinion polling in four states—Illinois, Missouri, Virginia and Wisconsin—reveals small businesses feel their government officials don’t actually understand their challenges, and they support a wide array of policies to address their needs, some of which might come as a surprise to their elected officials.