Streamlined Applications for Federal Programs Would Save Time, Money for Small Business

Rhett Buttle

Original statement issued on April 2, 2012:

Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) today announced a proposal that would lighten small business owners’ administrative load by creating a common application for various federal grants, contracts and programs. Filing government paperwork often takes more time than small business owners have to spare. The Small Business Common Application Act of 2012 aims to streamline such processes so our leading job creators can focus on growing and maintaining their businesses.


Three-quarters of small business owners believe we should allow for one-stop electronic filing of government paperwork, according to national opinion polling we recently released. Sen. Hagan’s proposal would fill that need. The common form, modeled after the streamlined, modern college application, would be specifically suited to small business owners and would allow them to fill out one online application and apply for various kinds of federal assistance at once.

Having access to this new tool would minimize small business owners’ time spent on administrative duties while maximizing their opportunities to win federal grants, contracts and more. This means more time spent running their businesses and growing our economy.

The Small Business Common Application Act of 2012 is the sort of common sense solution small business owners are looking for from Washington.