A Shot in the Dark Leads to A. Bright Idea

Anita Brightman was always a creative at heart. But it wasn’t until her very own light bulb moment working as a government public affairs contractor that A. Bright Idea was born.

A. Bright Idea, a full-service creative advertising and public relations agency with locations in Bel Air, MD and Sonoma, CA was exactly that – Brightman’s epiphany.

“I always enjoyed public relations, telling the story of the underdog and pleading my case,” Brightman said. When she began to feel “lost in a large corporation with its own language of acronyms,” Brightman quit her job without a real plan in place and started a small business doing something she knew she loved.

“I managed progress slowly and grew A. Bright Idea from a home-based business that used freelance support to a full-service agency with 32 employees and two locations,” she said.

A. Bright Idea offers clients a wide array of services, including advertising, marketing, public relations, graphic design and interactive services including website design and social media support.

The firm’s status as a small business affords it a unique opportunity to serve businesses both large and small.

“As a small business, we understand the struggles of our fellow small business clients, while also possessing the capacity to support large organizations and government entities,” she said. “We see balancing our varying client base as a unique opportunity.”

Unlike other agencies that specialize in one specific discipline, A. Bright Idea’s multitude of services and skill sets offers a multidimensional approach to their clients’ communication problems.

“We believe that any communication tool, whether a corporate identity or a multi-tiered advertising campaign, should tie directly to an overall strategic business and communication plan.”

Brightman felt that sort of model was lacking in the market, noting she witnessed a great need for creative services when A. Bright Idea was in its nascent, home office stage.

“I found myself with a niche in small market areas that consisted of small to medium sized businesses that had no opportunity for creative services. I saw the need for [these services] and I seized it.”

Starting a company that provides creative services allowed Brightman to tap into her own creative impulses and create an environment based on thinking outside of the box and one that prides itself on innovative ideas.

“It’s amazing to see all of the pieces come together,” she said, commenting on the collaborative nature and welcome exchange of ideas her business is founded upon.

“Everyone’s business, whether big or small, needs a creative spark and we make that possible.” And with that said, Brightman sets out to bring a bright idea to all of her clients.

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