A new way to dine with Chilltown Kitchen Supper Club

Alysis Vasquez is passionate about good food – there’s no doubt about that. But just as important to her is that people have a unique experience when eating out. As a chef in New York and New Jersey, she worked for well-known food names like Tom Colicchio, Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Dale Talde. While she loved her work, she found that fine dining could sometimes feel cold and uninviting. That’s why she channeled her cooking talents into the Jersey City-based Chilltown Kitchen Supper Club, which aims to treat each meal as an intimate and holistic experience.

Supper Club events, which take place once a month, are like dinner parties at someone’s home – but with impeccable service and exceptional food. Each Supper Club event includes a 5-6 course tasting menu, which aims to be elevated but not elitist.

Vasquez also makes sure to introduce each dish before it’s served, for an important reason.

“I majored in cultural anthropology, so I think cultural influences and histories are important,” said Vasquez. “Food tastes better when you’re connected to it on a deeper level. I want to give my guests the opportunity to learn about their food and create a more personalized experience than what you’d get at a regular restaurant.”

Vasquez also makes an effort to create a communal experience. Each meal begins with a cocktail hour so guests can mingle, and everyone eats together at communal tables to encourage diners to get to know each other.

“Eating out can be blasé, and people don’t often get a chance to meet their neighbors these days,” said Vasquez. “I want to bring people together through food and the experience of a shared meal. Just because we live in a big city doesn’t mean we have to give up small town connections.”

The next Chilltown Kitchen Supper Club is going to take place at on October 30. In keeping with the season, it will be a Halloween masquerade cocktail party. If you’re interested in learning more about these events, you can visit: www.chilltownkitchen.com

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