Mother/Son Duo Provide PR with a Pinch of Panache

A Minnesota mother and son duo has created one of the snazziest PR firms around with a focus on education and community.

PR with Panache!, owned by partners Sue and Jacob Hanson, has expertly branded itself as modern-day storytellers for education. And it more than lives up to that title.

Formed as a corporation a little over two years ago, PR with Panache! started with Sue using Pr with Panache! as the catchy tagline that would later become their handle. Sue, a former high school English and drama teacher has been involved with public relations work since the early 90’s. Her son and eventual partner, Jacob, followed in her footsteps.

After working in sales and marketing in the New Mexico real estate industry, Jacob moved back to Minnesota to be closer to family and to take an active role with his mother’s firm.

“It’s an awesome world to live and work in, with the added caveat I get to work every day with my mother,” he said.

Sue and Jacob Hanson, partners at PR with Panache!

The firm works heavily with education media, writers, bloggers and industry thought leaders and stakeholders in order to “make sure our clients’ stories and voices are heard,” he said.

PR with Panache!’s clients include online curriculum providers like the Minnesota based Odysseyware and companies such as Promethean, which develops interactive education technology for schools.

“We really run the gamut of covering all different facets of the education world,” Jacob said.

In fact, a majority of the firm’s clients are start-ups who are just breaking into the education market. “A lot of what we do is behind-the-scenes coaching and directing them on how to effectively communicate in the education world.”

Hanson notes that 95% of PR with Panache!’s focus is obtaining various editorial placements in major education publications and journals.

The firm’s flair and success has established PR with Panache! as a go-to firm with a quality reputation in the education world.

However, it’s not the success of the firm that shines brightest for Hanson, but rather the work itself and the impact it has on others.

“It’s rewarding to be involved in this industry and to touch people’s lives and have that positive impact. It’s an amazing thing to see an article published that thousands of people will see that they may not have without PR with Panache!.”

And if you think Hanson’s work with education stops at PR with Panache!, think again. He regularly donates to Achieve Minneapolis, a program that supports underprivileged kids, and is on the Board of Directors for North Metro Pediatrics, a local non-profit.

“Not everything should revolve around money,” he said. “Being a good neighbor is one of the most important things we can do.”

Everyone should be so lucky to have Hanson, his mother and PR with Panache! as their friendly neighborhood small business.

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