Helping the helpers: How solutions 110 provides businesses with tools to succeed

Missy Williams spent the first 20 years of her career in the mental health field as a direct care provider, program manager, counselor and executive manager. As a mental health provider, she learned how stressful it could be to take care of patients and run a successful business – and she wanted to share her experiences with others in her field to help them tackle these problems. A few years after obtaining her M.A. in Organizational Leadership, she combined her experience and education and launched Solutions110, which provides management consulting for community service organizations, including private mental health practices and nonprofits.

Solutions110 provides a breadth of services – including strategic planning development, operations management, talent (employee) management, internal problem solving, accountability partnership, business review, restructure planning and social media – to help organizations save money and streamline their business so they can focus on growth, their patients and their bottom-line.

“I find providers are tasked with handling every aspect of their practices. Even though they have strong clinical training, they may feel overwhelmed by business tasks like operations, marketing and infrastructure,” said Williams. “My goal is to provide them with the tools they need to smoothly run their business and help their patients at the same time.”

Williams specializes in putting structures and processes in place to help businesses succeed. She also has a keen eye for social media – and she does it all with empathy and an easy-to-work-with attitude.

“I know it can be difficult for clinicians to transition to the role of an entrepreneur when they start their own company,” said Williams. “I have firsthand experience with those challenges, so I know how my clients feel and what they need.”

Solutions110 serves clients all across the country. If you’re interested in learning more about the business, you can visit:

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