Elytus: A different type of waste management company

While working towards an engineering degree in college, Matthew Hollis quickly realized his real interest wasn’t in memorizing equations or the laws of thermodynamics, but rather in entrepreneurship and how to turn problem solving into a business. He connected with Alan Dillman, who ran a business incubator on Hollis’ college campus. The two quickly realized there was room for innovation and sustainability in the waste collection business, which inspired them to launch Elytus, a waste management company based in Columbus, Ohio.

Elytus is a different type of waste management company. Elytus operates under the motto of “Waste Nothing,” which translates to saving customers time and money while also maximizing sustainability. By streamlining processes and helping clients procure and manage services like solid waste and recycling, grease trap cleaning, fry oil recovery, exhaust hood cleaning and pest control, Elytus has saved clients more than $11 million while also saving nearly 20 million trees through recycling.

“We really try to be a comprehensive resource for our clients,” said Hollis. “We help them handle environmental services through every step of the process, from procurement to payment. Our goal is for our customers to feel like Elytus is their partner, not just a service provider.”

Hollis and Dillman both say that their employees are crucial to their company’s success. Like many small businesses, Elytus strives to treat employees like family, which has resulted in an impressively low turnover rate.

“As with most companies, our employees are our best assets,” said Dillman. “We want our employees to stick with us, so we’re committed to investing in them. For us, that means providing training and really helping them grow as professionals.”

Today, Elytus has served major clients like Omnicare and Cinemark. There’s no doubt the company will continue expanding and promoting sustainable waste solutions for clients across the country.

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