Call and Response

If you find that your telephone lines are becoming too hot to handle, you’re going to want to give Antelope Valley Call Center a ring.

The call service provides live, quality answering and messaging services to clients, including those in the medical industry and doctors exchange, that need their phones manned by trained live operators in the Antelope Valley region of California.

Owner M.J. Conrad saw the potential for opening a call center after the one members of her family worked at for decades was purchased by a large corporation, leaving many of her friends and family unemployed.

“I felt that opening an answering service to create jobs was a good move,” Conrad said.  “I was the only person in my family that did not work in the industry. My passion is to create jobs.”

And create jobs she did. Antelope Valley Call Center opened as the area developed a need for a new answering service. Conrad’s prior experience in the medical industry gave her an upper hand in spearheading her successful new venture.

“Word of mouth helped to build our client list and continues to be our most successful advertisement platform,” she said. “When people are happy with a service, they like to talk about it.”

Conrad certainly knows that the secret to a winning call service is to make the experience of talking on the phone as pleasant as possible.

“We give every call the personal touch,” she said. “We never close. We offer old fashioned service with state of the art technology.”

Antelope Valley Call Center was able to take off as a call service by attracting more clients with honey than vinegar.

“The demand for a quality messaging service is high in the Antelope Valley. Research showed that there were other call centers locally, but perspective clients that I spoke with were not happy for a variety of reasons,” she said. “I listen when a client has a concern and adjust the service to fit their needs.”

It was that helpfulness and patience that led Conrad to start her business in the first place.

“I enjoy helping people. I get to help people by creating jobs with a professional but comfortable work environment. I get the opportunity to provide superior service to my clients,” she said.

Conrad is still using her time at Antelope Valley Call Center to cultivate new professional skills in order to continue her pursuit and passion for creating more jobs in her community.

“I would like to see the Antelope Valley Call Center eventually include designated phone order teams and a designated dispatch team to open more possibilities to serve our community, and nationwide,” she said.

If Conrad keeps this up, the next time you dial operator you might find yourself connected to her Antelope Valley center.

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