Latina Entrepreneur Creates Site to Empower, Inspire Latina Businesswomen

As a tool, digital media’s ability to appeal to niche audiences is unparalleled. Susana Baumann is an entrepreneur who capitalized on its power to help an underserved group she herself is a part of: Latina businesswomen., or LIBizus, is an initiative of LCS Worldwide Language and Multicultural Marketing Communications, a small business Baumann started nearly 20 years ago.

LIBizus is a site dedicated to the economic empowerment of Latina businesswoman, one of the fastest growing business communities in the nation. The site launched in September of 2014 in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.

“LIBizus has been designed to provide a space, a window of opportunity and a platform for Latinas who want to share their concerns, expertise, strategies and achievements,” Baumann said.

Acting as a digital resource bank for Latina businesswomen, the site works to connect them with business and trade opportunities, as well as offering business advice and helping these entrepreneurs attract customers to their business.

For Baumann, this initiative has a deep-rooted personal connection for her, as well.

“As an immigrant, Latina and small business owner, I want to share my experiences with other Latinas starting or conducting their own businesses so they don’t have to struggle with the barriers and obstacles I encountered while building my own.”

At a time when the economy is still bouncing back from the last devastating recession, a site built on unifying and empowering people to become the entrepreneurs that will help push our economy forward is a welcome presence.

“In the last few years, there has been a lot of talk and action amongst women, and particularly Latinas, towards a leadership movement,” she said. “I agree that it is essential to empower women and build their leadership skills.”

Baumann believes that access is the key, be it access to capital, contacts or the political system, and makes it a major point to ensure LIBizus is a one-stop destination to help women obtain that access.

The digital landscape that has made LIBizus possible also provides its fair set of challenges, particularly because Baumann did not grow up in the digital age. This is a challenge, not an obstacle, for the eager and experimental Baumann.

“I love the technology challenge and the immense possibilities it offers to connect with Latinas in places I have not even visited.”

This passion and drive overflows not only into Baumann’s work, but also how she talks about her work. She refers to LIBizus as her legacy and way of giving back to all those who helped her get to where she is today. And she’s making sure she leaves behind a great legacy for all Latina women.

“The more united we stand, the better we can rise up and help others on the way.”