Illinois entrepreneur calls on Congress to rein in rising healthcare costs

Leslie Allison-Seei is the president of Robust Promotions LLC, an award-winning turnkey service provider offering prize consulting, legal documents and support, microsite infrastructure, graphic design and much more, in Villa Park, Ill. Together with her husband Greg, they’ve worked with restaurant chains and global brands such as Popeyes and Häagen Dazs, among others. 

Leslie and Greg started their enterprise small, working on low margins and hiring independent contractors to support their growing list of clients. And while their business has grown over the years, their challenges have stayed the same. 

Even though the savvy entrepreneurs would like to hire full-time employees, they still struggle with being able to afford robust benefits–healthcare, in particular. In fact, a recent Small Business Majority survey found that nearly 7 in 10 small business owners cited healthcare costs as a top concern, among other issues. That’s why it’s not surprising to learn that 71% of small business owners believe policymakers should prioritize additional policy solutions to bring down the cost of healthcare.

Leslie shares, “Rising healthcare costs are a concern to all of us, but this especially true for small businesses like mine. I fear we won’t be able to attract talent, given the limitations. At this juncture, small businesses are unable to compete with larger businesses that can afford superior benefits.”

Policies such as the Inflation Reduction Act are key to small businesses like Leslie’s and Greg’s. Currently, the Act provides ACA subsidies and caps on prescription drug costs but only through 2025. This is why it’s critical for Congress to build upon this progress to further enact legislation that will help to lower healthcare costs for all, including small businesses and their employees.

Leslie says, “I encourage small business advocates and legislators to look out for Main Street America. We want healthy workers and families, but we need greater support from our elected officials.”

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