How one savvy entrepreneur became the prince of Perkos

Some people are made to be leaders. At the tender age of 25, Ricardo Sibrian has bought into a restaurant franchise and now owns and operates it. He’s lighting his own torch, and looking to carry it forward like the true leader he is.

Sibrian’s Perkos Farm Fresh Café, located in Sacramento, CA, is an all-American diner experience. The man behind the restaurant is a millennial Hispanic entrepreneur, blazing a path toward conquering the restaurant world.

“I think leaders were born to be leaders,” Sibrian declared. “I am 25-years-old and being my own boss is a thing of beauty.”

As the master of his domain, Sibrian has turned Perkos Café into an upscale family restaurant, while staying true to local tastes and flavors. He strives to strike a balance between innovative recipes that keep the menu diverse, while providing traditional, crowd-pleasing meals that appeal to a wide variety of palettes.

“I love what I do,” he said. “I enjoy cooking food for people because I know I can change somebody’s day, by giving them a great experience.”

Though he’s already accomplished so much at such a young age, it was never a straight-shot to where he is today. Sibrian, a Bay Area native, worked in the corporate world until stepping into the restaurant business at age 20.

“I started as a dishwasher and I worked my way up to management within 6 months,” he said. “I was trained to open restaurants for Perkos corporate, and then decided to take over.”

That innate, natural ability to take charge has not come at the cost of his compassion and genuine desire to provide the best service around. An iron fist Sibrian does not use to rule.

“I will say one of the unique challenges with owning a business is not only trying to keep customers happy, but also to make sure the employees are very well taken care of,” he said. “One of the things I like doing the most is giving them an incentive so they are always motivated and willing to go the extra mile.”

With loyal employees and a happy clientele, Sibrian is in a prime position to take his leadership skills to the next level. Which is great, seeing as his aspirations are anything but small.

“Within the next five years, I see myself owning three more restaurants.”

The trail he’s blazed for himself thus far and his unwavering forward trajectory should make those dreams a reality soon enough.

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