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The COVID-19 pandemic has left Georgia small businesses reeling, with many of us unable to re-open or re-hire employees. For months, we have barely scraped by paying rent on buildings we could not occupy, supporting employees even though we didn’t know when our revenue might return and counting on our communities’ support when we should have been able to count on our government’s.

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We know many small businesses want to take care of their employees but don't have the resources to offer robust benefits, like paid family and medical leave, which can put them at a disadvantage when attracting and retaining employees. That's why we're working with Main Street Alliance, the American Sustainable Business Council and others to educate policymakers on Capitol Hill about why we need a national paid family and medical leave insurance program that would make it easy and affordable for small businesses to access paid leave. If you're interested in this effort, please sign our letter today! 

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Access to responsible capital is one of the most important issues facing small business owners today. Please complete our survey to share your thoughts and experiences on how access to capital impacts small business owners in America. Your feedback will help support our education and advocacy efforts on this issue. 

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Small Business Majority maintains a story bank that chronicles the personal experiences of small business owners across the United States. In today’s world, entrepreneurs like you often make tough decisions affecting their bottom line, and we want to hear about them. We are committed to ensuring your voice is heard by policymakers on some of the most important issues affecting small businesses so we can advocate on your behalf.

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La pandemia de COVID-19 ha dejado a las pequeñas empresas y empresarios de Estados Unidos al borde del colapso. Únase a la lista de propietarios y defensores de pequeñas empresas de todo el país quienes han firmado esta carta para urgir a nuestros miembros del Congreso a que apoyen las pequeñas empresas durante y después de la pandemia de COVID-19.

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The pandemic has left America’s small businesses and entrepreneurs on the brink of collapse through no fault of our own. Join the list of small business owners and advocates from across the country that have signed this letter to urge our Members of Congress to support Main Street during and after this crisis.

Net Neutrality

Last December, the FCC dismantled net neturality protections for businesses and consumers. The rules prevented internet service providers from blocking certain content, throttling speeds and prioritizing access to consumers to businesses willing to pay higher fees.

This puts small businesses and startups at a disadvantage when competing with larger businesses that have the ability to pay for their websites to be prioritized by internet service providers.

Keep Our Care

Repealing the healthcare law will cause tremendous instability in the markets and cause premiums to skyrocket, hurting small businesses and the economy overall. These are risks we just can’t afford to take. Please stand with small businesses and use your vote to stave off repeal of the Affordable Care Act.