Start Small Think Big

At Start Small Think Big (“Start Small”), we believe that access to high-quality legal, financial management, and marketing services is an essential part of starting or growing a successful small business, especially for small businesses owners who are currently lower income. We are a nonprofit organization that focuses on pairing entrepreneurs positioned to grow their businesses with top pro bono attorneys and financial and marketing experts. Our thoughtful and highly curated blend of one-on-one legal, financial management, and marketing services equips businesses with a solid foundation on which to create jobs and build wealth through entrepreneurship.

Start Small focuses on providing access to legal, financial management, and marketing services to small business owners who typically would not be able to afford these services on their own. We work exclusively with low- to moderate-income business owners and use a rigorous assessment process to ensure they are poised for growth and committed to their business. Typically, this means that the business is already operating, has customers and can demonstrate market demand. We build strong foundations for business success. Most entrepreneurs are not legal, financial management or marketing experts—that’s where Start Small comes in. Our services are critical when the demands of a growing business begin to stretch the skill set of the entrepreneur. Our services raise their skill level, enabling them to take their business to the next stage.