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| Metro Columbia CEO

Ahead of International Women’s Day on March 8, U.S. Senators Tim Scott (R-SC), Susan Collins (R-ME), Tammy Duckworth (D-IL), and Ben Cardin (D-MD) introduced bipartisan legislation, the Interagency Committee on Women’s Business Enterprise Act of 2020, to reauthorize a federal interagency committee that helps coordinate federal resources to encourage the formation, growth and success of women-owned businesses. There are currently an estimated 13 million women-owned businesses operating in the United States, employing 9.4 million workers and generating revenue of $1.9 trillion.

| Virginia Mercury

As the Virginia Assembly entered its last week of the 2020 session, I had hoped that state legislators were prepared to make good on their promises of protecting affordable health care for small business and all Virginians. Yet, late in the day on Monday, the General Assembly passed a bill that does the exact opposite.

| Medium

Where you invest your money is a direct reflection of your priorities. By that measure it is evident that President Trump is not committed to investing in America’s small businesses and entrepreneurs.

| Denver Post

Small Business Majority supported the plan, and several small business owners shared stories at a news conference about rising costs of care and piling medical bills. The Colorado Chamber of Commerce hasn’t taken an official position but the chamber’s Loren Furman said “the proposal runs the risk of driving hospitals and insurers out of the state and increasing premiums for the majority of Coloradans on employer-sponsored health plans.”

| Denver Post

I appreciate that sponsors of the FAMLI Act are reconsidering their next steps on a paid leave program in Colorado. For small-business owners like me, we and our employees must have access to a paid family leave program that’s affordable and readily available to everyone.

| Colorado Sun

“One of my biggest challenges as a business owner is competing with other much larger companies to get talented designers and marketers,” said Chad Coleman, owner of Denver-based marketing agency Herosmyth. “Really, any benefit I can offer to prospective employees is very helpful in not only attracting them but retaining them. I’ve lost several employees because of the benefits they can get at a larger company.”