The Gallagher Amendment Repeal Ballot Measure: Know Before You Vote

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Tuesday, October 6, 2020
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm MT

This November, business owners will have a lot to consider when reading their ballots and deciding how to vote. The purpose of this educational session is to increase dialogue on a question that Colorado voters will answer: whether or not to repeal the Gallagher Amendment.

As you may know, the Gallagher Amendment requires that home values make up no more than 45 percent of the state property tax base and that non-residential (commercial) property makes up the remaining 55 percent. This constitutional measure proposes to:

  • Remove the requirement that the statewide property tax base be comprised of a constant ratio of 45 percent residential and 55 percent nonresidential property
  • Repeal the requirement that the residential assessment rate be adjusted based on a mathematical formula to maintain the constant ratio
  • Repeal the requirement that the assessment rate for most nonresidential property be fixed at 29 percent

Because this decision will impact business owners (and the state's budget), you are invited to a virtual information and discussion session. One presenter will share the proponent viewpoint, and the other presenter will share the opposing viewpoint. In this interactive session, participants will be able to ask questions so that you can learn more and feel confident in casting your votes. Presenters: Reeves Brown (Building a Better Colorado) and Michael Fields (Colorado Rising State Action).

Partner organizations include: The Alliance Center, B Local Colorado, Center for Community Wealth Building, The Latino Chamber of Commerce of Boulder County, Latino Chamber of Commerce of Pueblo, Longmont Sustainable Business Program, Small Business Majority, and Startup Colorado.

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