Míchigan Small Business Owner Highlight

Dr. Scott Smith

West Branch Veterinary Services in West Branch, Mich. was the winner of our 2019 Small Business Saturday photo contest.

For over 40 years, patients of all shapes and sizes have been greeted with warm smiles, friendly scratches and yummy treats at West Branch Veterinary Services. Dr. Timothy Eyth first opened the hospital’s doors in 1976 with the hopes of providing exemplary care and comfort for pets and pet parents alike. Current owner Dr. Scott Smith, who acquired the practice in 2009, has worked tirelessly every day since to continue his legacy with great success. The 15-employee hospital serves a massive region due to the fact they are in a rural area that caters to both year-round residents and vacationers who come with their pets to enjoy the outdoors. 

Míchigan Events

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Míchigan Research

Thu, 11/16/2017

Small Business Majority released a national scientific opinion poll—including oversamples in five states—that found small business owners oppose denying services to LGBT customers based on religious beliefs, rights to free speech or freedom of artistic expression. Further, the poll showed that a majority of small businesses support enacting federal and state laws to protect LGBT individuals from discrimination in places of public accommodation. Small business owners feel that nondiscrimination policies are good for their state’s business climate and their own business’s bottom line.

Wed, 10/14/2015

New scientific polling in Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi and New Mexico shows small business hiring of lower-level employees is diverse, but more can be done to increase diversity in the hiring of upper-management employees. Additionally, some small employers plan to hire or promote in order to increase the diversity of their high-level workforce within the next few years.

Tue, 07/14/2015

Many small business owners think of their employees as family, and they believe in taking care of their employees in order to retain a happy and loyal workforce and to attract top talent. They also know it’s important for their employees to be able to balance their work and family responsibilities. New scientific polling shows the majority of small businesses in Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi and New Mexico offer benefits like paid leave and provide family-friendly policies for their employees.