Small Business Network Owners Support Champions of Change at White House

Rhett Buttle

Today, entrepreneurs in Small Business Majority’s network headed to the White House as part of the Champions of Change program. This week’s theme: Innovations in Renewable Energy.

Champions of Change was created to highlight individuals and small business owners each week who have been deeply involved in helping to advance their communities’ place in a competitive, modern economy by creating jobs or aiding economic or social development in some way. The program has covered a broad set of subjects ranging from the Affordable Care Act to rebuilding America’s infrastructure.

By sharing the real life stories of American citizens and entrepreneurs who are playing an important role to move our nation forward in the global economy—by “out-innovating, out-educating and out-building” the rest of the world—the White House hopes to encourage others across the country to follow suit in helping build up their own robust local communities.

Setting an example for her community by attending the Champions of Change event this week was Loretta Caldwell, owner of Caldwell and Associates in Washington, D.C. For more than 20 years, Loretta and her 19 full time employees have been developing, implementing and overseeing various contracting, employment and community awareness compliance programs. Loretta and her team have been responsible for projects that have generated billions of dollars in contracts for local, small, minority and women-owned businesses.

There’s no question that Loretta’s small business has strongly impacted local economic development in her area. It’s entrepreneurs like Loretta—and the rest of the small business owners from our network who are attending the event—that the Champions of Change program highlights each week.

Today’s event can inspire entrepreneurs and individuals across the nation to emulate the small business owners helping spur widespread economic growth through innovations in renewable energy. The owners who attended on behalf of our network couldn’t be more supportive of their fellow entrepreneurs. And who knows—one of them could be nominated as the next Champion of Change.