National Efforts: Venturize is the center of our organization’s national effort to support the small business ecosystem. Venturize is an online resource platform powered by Small Business Majority that offers unbiased education and resources to small business owners seeking loans, and provides immediate business assistance that many entrepreneurs need to become loan-ready. By providing free education and resources, primarily focused on financial literacy and how to access responsible capital, we support the success of entrepreneurs and empower them to create a thriving, inclusive economy. 

Through Venturize, aspiring and current entrepreneurs can also connect with an invaluable network of business assistance providers and responsible lenders that can help them access the tools they need to thrive. Venturize also features a Resource Locator Map that links to vetted business assistance organizations around the country and a matching tool to connect entrepreneurs with responsible lenders. These tools are central to our efforts to map the ecosystem of organizations that support entrepreneurs nationally and in the states and regions where we work. 

State and local efforts