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President’s Small Business Initiatives Target Entrepreneurs’ Key Areas of Concern

Rhett Buttle

Original statement issued on July 11, 2012:

The president announced today that he will instate a host of executive actions to help small businesses. The actions address key areas of concern for small businesses, including the lack of available credit, which plagues countless entrepreneurs trying to grow their businesses and create jobs.


Plurality of Small Business Owners Want Healthcare Law Upheld; Only One-Third Want it Overturned

John Arensmeyer

Originally released June 14, 2012:

A plurality (50 percent) of small business owners want the healthcare reform law upheld—either as is or with minor changes—while only one-third want the Supreme Court to overturn it, according to opinion polling released today by Small Business Majority. However, after learning more about the law, a clear majority (56 percent) want it kept intact with, at most, only minor changes.


POLL: Ohio’s Small Businesses Want Government Investments in Renewable Energy Technologies and Support Enforcement of EPA Clean Air Standards

Mary Huttlinger

Originally released June 7, 2012:

Ohio small business owners strongly support government investments in clean energy and believe such investments have an important role in creating jobs and boosting the economy, according to an opinion poll released today by Small Business Majority.


Small Business Majority Joins Business Groups, Advocates, Officials in Celebrating National Small Business Week

Rhett Buttle

May 20-26 marks National Small Business Week, and over the next several days, Small Business Majority is joining a host of small business advocates and government agencies for events, conference calls and online seminars to honor our leading job creators—small business owners.



New TV Ad, Opinion Poll Highlight Colorado Small Businesses’ Support for Balanced Energy Policy That Ensures Protection of Public Lands

Colorado small business owners strongly believe the preservation of the state’s natural assets is essential to their financial success and that of local economies, and they support the president’s ‘all-of-the-above’ strategy to develop new energy resources, particularly if it includes provisions to protect public lands, according to opinio